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The news outlet reports that Amanda started having seizures a few days before she delivered.
This couple's story seems to be a remarkable case, something that would only happen on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant,," but HuffPost blogger Jena Pincott, author of "Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy," says it is more common than people think for women to be pregnant without knowing it. After delving into the phenomenon (called cryptic pregnancy), Pincott discovered that denial or mental illness does not necessarily explain why pregnancies go unnoticed. In Amanda's case, the only signs of pregnancy she experienced at all were swollen feet and ankles, Billy said. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that another news source had originally interviewed the Prentice family. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant This series reveals the surprising and shocking real-life stories of women who didn’t know they were carrying a baby. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant… Again How could a woman not know she’s pregnant – twice???
TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” Is Back REALITY TV MAGAZINE- While we still wonder how someone can honestly NOT know they are pregnant, TLC has been busy filming new episodes of their hit show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.
Troy Patterson is Slatea€™s writer at large and a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine.
Things must end miserably for the majority of women ignorant of their condition well into their third trimester, but this show is interested in misery only as a necessary test along a triumphant journey.
After supplying a brief biography, the narrator tips the viewer to the circumstances of conception. To examine the tone of the show, let us consider the case of Abbigale, though not too closely, please.
A majority of the mothers make it to the hospital in time for expulsion and its agonies, and it is generally here that the segments fulfill a key obligation of the I Didn't Know a€¦ formula.

On April 25th, a doctor told them they'd been successful and were finally going to be parents. That stomach cramp is a full-term baby MSNBC- We all get busy at times, so overwhelmed with work, family, friends and obligations that we neglect our bodies.
ET *) is a nonfiction series about women who didn't know they were pregnant practically until the moment that little Hunter or Ashlee was crowning. Though some of the women profiled here give birth with ibuprofen as their only analgesic, though none of them enter the delivery room comforted by having studied Lamaze or raked in loot at a baby shower, all of the stories end with a glowing mom and her gurgling tomato. An off-screen narrator, his voice mitigating the insistent sonority of a true-crime-show newsreader with the studied warmth of a third-year resident, smoothes the flow of each 15-minute segment as the video cuts between new interviews with the parents and professional re-enactments of their old selves. Often, so-and-so overlooked the prescription-bottle warning against chasing birth control pills with antibiotics.
One evening, thinking she was constipated, she excused herself from the couch, leaving her boyfriend there with the remote control on his lap, bathed in the blue glow of the television.
The mother is probably spreading her legs, clenching her teeth, and conducting herself heroically. Only five hours after finding this out, Amanda gave birth to their baby girl, according to WSMV. But how is it possible to be so out of touch with your body that you don’t know you’re about to give birth? Do try to avoid any marathon screenings of it, those being invitations to waste an afternoon. A regular source of unintentional mirth is the juxtaposition of the actors, who look like actors, with the actual people, who do not. The only civilians who benefit from comparison are the kids, the professional infants having spent all morning in makeup getting slathered in amniotic fluid.

For instance, Elizabeth, a college student featured in an episode titled "Born in a Dorm," had always experienced irregular periods due to her anemia.
The boyfriend, hearing some slightly unholy noises in the air, called outa€”"Honey?"a€”but he stuck with his show.
New episodes of the series air on TLC on Wednesdays at 8 ET; Discovery Health shows reruns.
Rather, it is purely visceral and satisfyingly formulaic—cheerfully undesirous of a brain.
She did not grow very heavy with child, and she attributed what weight gain she experienced to the freshman 15. There are flash cuts capturing Abbigale's grimace from various angles, and a nice overhead shot featuring a mouthwash bottle on the sink, and then an image of an umbilical cord trailing into the bowl.
Do something!"A Then, if she is not suffering too much to think, the mother begins fretting about all the prenatal care she failed to provide.
There are medical scares in some instances and fleeting thoughts of opting for adoption in others, but you always get your 10 fingers and your 10 toes and your coochie-coochie-coo. And one night she found herself in such distress that she shouldn't climb up to the top bunk.
At this point, the boyfriend heard the wail of a newborn and decided that, whatever this was, it was worth missing The O.C. Just at the moment she should have been priding herself for choking back kale smoothies for nine months, she instead reflects sourly on all her vigorous after-work softball games, copious after-softball mai tais, and frenzied seared-tuna binges.

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