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For over forty years, Spire has taught children ages 3 to 5 the necessary skills they need to help them prepare for Kindergarten. Founded in 1967, Presbyterian Nursery School (PNS) has long been recognized as a premiere preschool program in the Bayshore area. Presbyterian Nursery School originally was founded as part of First Presbyterian Churcha€™s program of Christian Education. PNS adheres to an age appropriate, developmental approach with a curriculum designed to enhance a child's social, physical, and intellectual growth.
As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others, and to develop the fine and gross motor skills to grow and learn.
At PNS, we incorporate creative arts, science, outdoor activities, physical education, music, math, dramatic play, storytelling and language arts into every class. Founded on the premise that parents and teachers should work cooperatively in the education process, PNS encourages parents to play a major role in the classroom. The classes at PNS are developmentally and academically appropriate, giving students a rich learning experience in an energetic, warm, and stimulating environment. A program for children who are 3 & 4 years of age on or before October 1 of the school year.

Parents transistion out and it becomes a regular co-op class as each child becomes emotionally and physically ready. Please include a non-refundable $40 registration fee ($20 for returning students) and a $50 advanced tuition payment. Applicants must have completed a pre-k 3, pre-k 4, or kindergarden experience, and must be potty trained.
Please leave your questions, comments, or concerns here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Tacoma's biggest festivals – Freedom Fair, Taste of Tacoma, Art on the Ave – are still weeks away. If your kids get bored this summer – or if you parents need to get out of the house for a while – there’s plenty to do in T-Town. KEEP COOL THIS SUMMER Gray skies can turn blazing blue and sunny in Tacoma + Pierce County summers.
In October 2010, Spire was able to move to Fellowship Bible Church and become a ministry of this church. With more than 40 years of experience operating programs for children and families within the surrounding communities, PNS aims to prepare children for life by building a healthy self-image, promoting trusting relationships, and developing the necessary skills for success in school and beyond.

The school is open to the community at large and aims to help all the children feel accepted for a€?whata€? they are and a€?howa€? they are; to feel comfortable in their relationship with other children and successful in their efforts at new endeavors.
Our program works toward the spiritual growth of each child and reinforces the basic Christian values (kindness, fair play, honesty, etc.).
We carefully select the materials and purposefully plan hands-on experiences that will allow each child to be challenged and succeed at their own developmental level. We invite all families to co-op, essentially assisting teachers in the classroom on a rotating basis.
Below we’ve compiled a list of activities for you to choose from and a lot of them are free. We celebrate the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter, as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentinea€™s Day and St. In recognition of all the diverse cultures of our school population, we encourage children to share their families' special traditions with us throughout the year.

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