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So you've just installed a second hard disk drive to give you more storage space and you now need to use the new hard disk drive.
Whilst this guide will not deal with the installation of a hard disk drive, this guide will cover the ways on how to prepare a hard disk drive for use in Windows XP.
Note: This guide is only applicable to IDE type hard disk drives and Windows XP Home Edition. Assuming you have installed your second hard disk drive this is how you prepare a second hard disk drive for use in Windows XP. By viewing My Computer you can see that only the first hard disk drive is recognised and there appears to be no sign of the second hard disk drive.
To see all of the disks [whether a hard disk or optical drive] that Windows XP recognises, you will have to open Disk Management and to do this click on Start and choose Run.
Within Disk Management you should see your second hard disk drive recognised as Disk 1 and if you right click on disk 1 you will then have to choose Initialize Disk. You will now have to create a New Partition and to do this right click on Disk 1 and choose New Partition.

You should now see the New Partition Wizard and this is a very easy way to create a new partition. A Primary Partition: can be used when you need to install another operating system to the hard disk drive as operating systems need a primary partition from which to start from.
Second Coming: Part 0 - Includes the Second Coming Prologue by written by Mike Carey with art by Stuart Immonen, Michael Lacombe and Justin Ponsor. To make full use of your hard disk drive you need to prepare the drive in a number of ways. As you have probably done on numerous occasions you click on My Computer hoping to find the icon of the second drive sitting next to the first one. If you have more hard disk drives that need to be initialized then they will be once you click OK. Generally you can choose either if you have nothing specific for the partition that you will be creating. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available.

A preview of art from Second Coming #1 and other tie-in covers, the X-Men Legacy Son of Marvel Reading Chronology, a special "What is the Phoenix Force?" and a Second Coming checklist! If for any reason you do not want a hard disk drive to be initialized then deselect that particular drive. You are only limited on size of the extended partition with regards to how many logical drives you can have.
Then you will have to create a partition [when a partition has been created it should be seen in My Computer] and finally you will have to format the partition.

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