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Stashed in: Smile!, Lolcats!, Confacimus, Retweet this., Cute!, Awesomesauce, Dogs!, Funny LOL Jokes, Mean Girls, BRO!, Bust a Caption! Ariana Grande, a young Nickelodeon star and pop singer will be in V Magazine‘s spring music issue. This post made me feel bad for criticizing someone born in 1993, but then I remembered that people who are 20 are the worst on Earth. I find it irritating that she is touting nutrition information that is off base to such a broad audience, especially since her fan base is children who look up to her. People who eat healthy don’t necessarily do so because they are living in fear of heart attacks. And yet, as soon as people find out you are Vegan, they ALL become nutritionists, instantaneously! Considering that you do not personally know her at all (that probably burns your ass), and are not a nutritionist yourself, how is it that you can read her mind and know what she thinks. This whole thing reminds me of the talk I used to hear back in the 80′s about gay people. Honestly, veganism is a very privileged choice and to equate the plight of vegans to that of homosexuals is ignorant at best.
Comparing people to animals does nothing to insult humans, and everything to insult the animals.
Unless you are a vegan and an activist, you can’t make much of a informed and educated assessment, can you?
I don’t want to stir the pot, but when someone critiques an article with ONLY ad hominem attacks (every comment has called the author of the post jealous or cruel in some way), how else do you respond?
They are also a lot more enlightened and a lot less envious about other people’s lifestyles. For the first two years, Donald ran The Vegan Society single-handedly from his home in Leicester. You judge it acceptable to confine animals to tiny crates and warehouses for their entire lives so that you might pay a few pennies less in the checkout line. But the way I see it, as a vegan, I’m not deciding who lives or dies just so I can have a leather couch or a woolen scarf or an ice cream cone.
Murder in a man made book yeah, murder in the book of universe is worded bit differently i think but since as a human you think you are better than everything that isnt human (and possible some humans too) its hard for you to grasp that yeah? I don’t see anything wrong with eating meat because tons of animals consume other organisms in order to survive.
Don’t you think we should follow the gaming spirit for our trainings as well, where the learners are allowed to make mistakes… And keep making them until they succeed?
So, why not use trainings as a simulated environment, where the learners are allowed to make mistakes. We need to allow the learners to make mistakes and NEVER make them feel that they have done some blunder. I honestly feel that we need to concentrate more on creating engaging learning experience for them to be self-motivated to learn and take it as a challenge to master it; instead of worrying about scoring well in the test. Most importantly, are the post-tests really comprehensive enough to test everything they’ve learned? It depends on the desired outcome… if they are learning skills that require precision in life threatening situations, they need to get zapped when they fail. My take on it was to make the content engaging enough so that the person is actually able to learn from it… and enjoys this journey. Recent CommentsBessie Pickard: Hi Pooja, is there an updated version of this for Captivate 9?
The result is a bit of a pig’s breakfast and probably runs counter to every principle of good design.

It was fun collecting various bits of clip art and trying to find ways to represent  both the simplicy of the TMI formula and the complexity of possibility.
Such a joy to be out on the fields for the first ever PDS Cross-Country Invitational last Wednesday.
We have a new website in the offing and I was working on some of the language for the new landing page. I caught this Lehrer Newshour segment on cash payments for learning –  one of the latest in a series of appalling ideas spawned by testing mania. I don’t like milk either, but to refer to it that way makes it seem evil and when food is labeled in that way relationships to food become tricky.
It only benefits human diet because we have been brainwashed into believing it does where in reality the opposite is true. There have been studies that show the quality of protein, as well inflammatory foods such as dairy and grains are linked to heart disease though.
Because all you have done is parrot uneducated, unscientific crap you probably get off of TMZ. Something perhaps your mind is not understanding is that vegans arent fighting for themselves.
Some people are doing it for animal rights, some people are doing it for their health, and some do it just to do it. Whether or not someone decides to include meat is personal, but acting like it’s somehow unnatural for humans to eat other animals is warped. Whether you are a vegan for health reason or just for a laugh you already won because every time you eat you help someone who could have been murdered for your pleasure, veganism is the easiest way to help the world with least effort.
I have substance and information that I use to argue and I know for a fact that if you spell wrong or cant write grammatically correct sentence DOES NOT mean you are not intelligent.
You judge it to be only a loss of property if sometimes those places burn to the ground with the animals trapped inside. I’m not the one who “judges” that it’s okay to imprison elephants, tigers or dolphins and force them to perform tricks for my kids.
I don’t know that there could possibly be anything more “judgmental” than deciding who will live and who will die.
Vegans are definitely judgmental because they judge other people for something that happens naturally in the ecosystem.
And more the number of mistakes they make, more training experiences they receive, as a bonus. This can be a brilliant instructional design opportunity for us to train our learners and clarify the concepts by taking them through some remedial content.
The learning event can also weed out those who would jeopardize the lives of others with an incomplete skillset. High percentage scores are set in online assessments to meet with 2 considerations – a. If knowledge demonstrated by the assessment is critical to performance, it will make a difference for sure.
Tests are indeed a great tool to assess the learners understanding of the concepts and I’m definitely not against using them. Not only is this sentence irritating because cow’s milk is consumed and obesity happens outside of America, but comparing fat people or any people to animals is so cruel. Ariana Grande doesn’t seem to be fighting the good fight against factory farms and whatnot, does she?
And this little girl isnt saying anything weird, shes young maybe she isnt wording things as well as she could be but from reading what she said it isnt anything that strange. Or are you a coward who instead of actually saying something with substance picks out on easy targets such as typos because you have nothing else to say.

Rafael is just trying to snag her 15 minutes of fame by leeching off a successful person she is jealous of.
Dyslexic people or people who are simply less educated on grammar can be just as intelligent so stop your cowardice and make a point, if you actually have one to make.
I’m not the one who supports the purebred and puppy mill dog industries because I “judge” some dogs to be better than others.
So please… The next time you have the urge to call a vegan “judgmental,” take a good, long, honest look in the mirror of your conscience and you be the judge. You give it a shot and unfortunately you fail in the test and are denied of the course completion certificate.
We actually learn better if we make more errors because we get a first-hand experience of moving into an incorrect direction and then we walk that extra mile to correct our wrong move.
We can make them feel that here’s an opportunity to learn more about the topic and they just got this opportunity because they were fortunate enough to make a mistake.
Not only for those delivering but for those learning to understand what has been accomplished. However, there are other factors that influence actual performance that must be kept in mind by learning and assessment designers.
Major part of eLearning courses available now are page turners with heaps and heaps of non-engaging content followed by a post-test. It’s creepy, but these kinds of statements make people sound like college freshman who took too many bong rips. She’s not even talking about the ethical treatment of animals–girlfriend wears leather. Listen I am sure you are a lovely person but your blog post is detrimental to changes we want to manifest ASAP! You judge that it’s okay to dominate and willfully terminate the lives of horses, pigs, cows, chickens, mice, ducks, geese, starlings, frogs, prarie dogs, bears, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, rabbits, fishes, alligators and all other nonhuman beings. Other vegans, like Grande, decide to go on the attack in order to defend their choice to eschew meat.
This is why 20-year-old Nickelodeon stars shouldn’t be talking so broadly about nutrition. Don’t you judge that it’s acceptable to steal babies so you can indulge in their mother’s milk? So please open your mind before you become blind like the rest of humanity has been for a long time now.
Don’t you judge that it’s ethical to pay someone to kill animals for you –not out of need, but simply for your own pleasure? Research shows that if someone scores 80% on an MCQ test, it is contaminated with about 26% of guesswork. As a nonvegan, it is you who judges that it’s acceptable to manipulate, castrate, impregnate, and eviscerate others. When you say dehumanise do you mean be not involved in genocides, destruction of the planet, destruction of species and so on and so on? And how fortunate you are that your neighbors, friends and family all share the same judgment. Well you know what, humans are not special or divine they are scum beyond any type of scum, filthy parasitic scum.

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