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According to this method, having intercourse in the earliest days of the monthly cycle increases the chances of giving birth to a male baby.
This technique is thought to be effective in 68% of all couples.Click Here To Discover A Fool-Proof System Which Has Helped Thousands Of Couples To Conceive A Baby Boy NaturallyHow To Conceive A Boy Naturally Using The Chinese Birth ChartIf you’re looking into how to make sure you have a baby boy you can apply the Chinese method or the Gender Chart, which says the mom’s age and the month in which the baby is conceived can determine the baby’s gender. According to this method, there are 90% chances for a couple to conceive the desired baby if they follow the chart.Discovered more than 700 years ago, the method doesn’t have any scientific proof to sustain it thus it’s not necessarily the most precise technique for those looking for the surest ways to conceive a boy. Shettles says chances of conceiving a male baby are greater when partners have orgasms almost simultaneously, as during female orgasm a substance is produced inside the vaginal environment and this substance is known to make the reproductive tract more alkaline.
As said, male sperm survives better in alkaline environments while female one in acid environments.Then, during orgasm, vaginal contractions take place and according to the scientist, these contractions help in bringing the male sperm closer to the cervix and ovaries.

This means the male sperm, which is weaker than the female one, is helped to get near the released egg easier and chances for fertilization to take place become higher.Get That Dream Son You Always Wanted.
Click Here to Discover How You Can Make Sure Your Next Child Is A BoyWays To Conceive A Boy With Royal JellyThe queen bee in a bee colony is fed on royal jelly as this makes her more fertile and helps her give birth to large numbers of bee daughters. Just like bee pollen, royal jelly is known to be one of the best natural fertility boosters, which not only increases the chances of conceiving but also balances hormones and the internal pH.Also, it enhances the production of cervical mucus, making it easier for sperm to survive in the reproductive tract and to reach the fertile eggs.
Adding royal jelly to your menu is a smart and easy way of increasing the odds of giving birth to a baby boy and an accessible way of boosting your immunity and carrying a pregnancy to term.You can find this food in natural food stores in the form of dietary supplements, or you can get the bee pollen directly from beekeepers if you’re more into organic foods.
Being quicker and lighter than female sperm, male one is more likely to fertilize the egg when ejaculation takes place.Obviously, you can use alternations of this position for a more varied intimate life.

To increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy, you can place a pillow under your pelvis while having intercourse or you can bring the knees towards the chest.How To Make Sure You Have A Baby Boy By Eating BananasBananas are an excellent source of potassium and they provide low amounts of sodium as well.

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