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However, in the recent years, herbal tree has come into the scene and a lot of things have changed. In case your crave for something more than plain water and your body needs hydration, it would be wise to make up some herbal tea in your kitchen. The most important thing to remember when comparing benefits of herbal tea is that it does not contain even a single bout of caffeine.
Stress levels and anxiety are of course lowered when you have tea, particularly the herbal ones. When its morning sickness we are talking about, nothing solves the purpose more than herbal tea.
Considering that you are expecting, here are the top 9 teas which you can drink up while you are expecting. If you want a herbal tea to help you with your nausea as well as vomiting, you ought to try out peppermint tea. High on nutrients which happen to be iron and calcium among others, this herbal tea is a great suggestion for pregnant woman.
Sleeplessness and inflammation of joints can both be fixed and chamomile tea is the remedy.

Now that the teas that are good for pregnancy have been covered, let us take a look at the teas to avoid. So, if you are wondering what exactly is a herbal tea, it happens to be a true infusion of seeds and leaves. Being pregnancy friendly, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that these will never lead to complications. High in calcium, this tea helps prepare your uterus for labour and being rich in magnesium, it often helps get rid of the risks of post- partum haemorrhage. Digestion issues and stomach troubles can all be fixed by ginger tea, which you can have around 2-3 cups. Aside from these long term benefits, it also helps relax pain and soreness of the stomach muscles.
Loaded with antioxidants, it is good for digestion and also contains calcium as well as magnesium. Being high on potassium, it is gentle and effective and keeps your pregnancy discomforts managed.
When you want to know about teas that you need to steer clear of, the one given below should do it.

High blood pressure and miscarriage are the common symptoms of having sage tea, which is why it needs to be avoided. Increased risk of miscarriage is the disadvantage and hence parsley tea should be out of your list. If you are pregnant, buy the supplements and work on these health benefits to their best with these top 9 teas. Tea is good for different people and has different benefits that include boosting the immune system, increasing immunity among individuals among others.
So when you feel you are strained or you have a headache that won’t go away, put yourself in your kitchen and brew out that hot cup of tea. It will do the trick and help you relax your pregnancy as well, thus giving you a great time through the months.

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