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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Miss Middleton said she has quit drugs and alcohol and spoke of her regret at ever letting her baby go. When she became pregnant in 2005, the case prompted dismay from church and family groups, amid criticisms that a Scottish Executive campaign to cut teenage pregnancies had failed. The expectant mother also posted a couple of photographs to Instagram, with one showing her manicured foot in front of a beach backdrop. Earlier days: On a Today show appearance soon after she broke the news of her pregnancy, Ms Guthrie said, 'I love my baby bump. The couple tied the knot outside Ms Guthrie's home town of Tucson, Arizona, last month without publicizing the event to media.During the course of the evening the newlyweds privately announced to family and friends that they were expecting a child. So far she says some of the best things about being pregnant is the support she's received from fans, friends and family and being able to wear stretchy maternity jeans.She met her new husband, Mr Feldman, in 2008 when she went to his 40th birthday party with a mutual friend. Concern over 'broken Britain' rose further when details of Miss Middleton's chaotic home life in Armadale, West Lothian,emerged.She was one of six childrenA  -A  by four different fathersA  -A  to her then 34-year-old mother, who said she was 'proud' of her daughter for keeping the baby. Ia€™m wearing a roomy one-piece with the stretchiest material mankind has invented.'I am exhaling.
I love the fact that I'm 42 years old and lucky enough to get this chance, and the human body is remarkable. On the bleak streets where Miss Middleton was raised, petty crime is rife and drink and drugs are ever present.

Whilst relaxing seaside in the evening, I am going to wear a caftan or a muumuu or a perhaps a tent.
I'm going to give myself a couple of years to get my life sorted, then I'm going to fight for access to my little girl.
Boarded-up windows abound and gardens are strewn with bed frames, discarded mattresses and other rubbish.
Children gather on street corners and it is far from unusual to see young girls pushing prams.
Eighteen months ago, a child psychologist decided it was in the best interests of the infant that she be adopted. Despite barely being out of primary school, Miss Middleton smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day, used cannabis and downed cocktails of Buckfast tonic wine and vodka. Miss Middleton signed papers handing over her daughter to an anonymous couple who, when the adoption became official, decided that they did not want to allow the birth mother any access. Speaking under the cover of anonymity at the time, she disclosed that she had discovered the pregnancy weeks after having drunken sex in August 2005. They've kept her first name the same, but hearing that her name had changed was heartbreaking. Her only contact is now a letter from the child's new parents every six months, updating her on the little girl's progress.
Drawing on a roll-up cigarette while heavily pregnant, she said: 'I slept with him because I was drunk and I wanted to.

Miss Middleton said yesterday: 'I got to meet her adoptive parents but I wasn't allowed to know their names.
I knew straight away that I couldn't have an abortion because that's something I don't believe in.' The girl was scared to tell her mother who, ironically, had given birth to her youngest child days before her daughter found that she was pregnant.
They seemed lovely but it doesn't really matter who was taking herA  -A  I never wanted to let her go. Miss Middleton admitted that she had an argument with her mother after breaking the news of her pregnancy.
I'd even tried to make a deal that if I signed the papers I would get to see her once a year, but the adoptive parents didn't want that. Miss Middleton, who believes she has 'turned a corner' in her life, hopes to join the Army and prove that she deserves to see her child again.
This came before the adoption was even official, when the baby went to live with her foster family and the teenager was allowed to see the child only every three months at a family centre.
I keep under my pillow a wee pink Babygro and hat from when she was born.' Miss Middleton, who now has only limited contact with her own family and lives in Dumfries, admitted, however, that adoption was in her daughter's 'best interests'.
I'm concentrating on sorting myself out so that one day I'll hopefully see my wee girl again.

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