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You have taught me so much about the goodness of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of our Magnificent God; I will never find enough words to express my gratefulness. He is the same God that when the doctor told me my fallopian tubes were bent, had scar tissue, endometriosis and cysts and that I would have to do invitro…God gave us that baby without invitro! I waited on the Lord for almost five years for another baby after l had my first child but we had delay, we tried and tried it was not forthcoming. I just want to appreciate God because he has proved to me that He is a God that answereth prayer and I thank you Pastor Veronica for your good work and encouragement that you are giving women who are seeking for the babies that there is still hope with God who makes the impossibility possible in our lives.
May God in his infinite mercy continue to bless you for all the articles you have sent to me giving hope and encouragement. Your books and words of encouragement and proof of GODs will for us concerning children in the bible, has strengthened our faith. Hello Sister, I bought your book woman you are not infertile weeks ago and started reading it.
I got married Jan,2007.After seven months of marriage, my husband and I finally decided that we were ready to welcome a new member in our family, but never knew that it will be so hard, what seems to be so simple. Then by the year 2010 after months of trying and getting no results, even after we both being medically fit. The prayer worked as a miracle as I confirmed my pregnancy in the month of July 2010.I thank you for being there and helping me to reach God for this special gift of a child. Multiple fibroids, cyst and endometriosis and failed IVF treatment could not stop God’s hand in my life.
After 6 years of marriage and infertility imagine my joy, when, I saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing her miracle books and testimonies. After a few minutes with her I felt peace in my heart and knew immediately God had answered me. Pastor Veronica underlined some bible promises from her book, Secrets To A Blissful Pregnancy And Pain Free Childbirth, and we started using these promises of God praying over my pregnancy. When the day of delivery came, I want into the labour room and delivered a healthy baby GIRL! I read woman you are not infertile when I was believing God for a baby and to the Glory of God that same month I got pregnant, I praise my God and I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way. While attending the Morris Cerrulo Conference in London I bought one of Veronica Anusionwu’s books, that talks of healing through the anointing oil.
The Lord showed up mightily for me, as a few months later I got married and was expecting our first child. Emmanuel is today 14days old and he looks 3months old.He is healthy and a blessing of the Lord.
We will be sowing our seed of thanksgiving shortly and may God bless you and the books that you write. First time in my entire married life at age of 46 years I received a Positive Pregnancy Test. I contacted pastor veronica 6 months after I had a miscarriage, also doctors told me I had polycystic ovaries syndrome.
Now five months pregnant I know that what God has started he will complete it because He is faithful. I bought all she recommended went home and read the books and anointed my womb everyday as she told me.
The doctors had written me off, and my heart hurt so much, four months later I began to feel sick, and went to see the doctor, who suggested a pregnancy test. A new mother who had longed for children for over 30 years passed away just seven days after giving birth to twin boys. The Daily Mail reports that the mother had spent a decade going through various fertility treatments in hopes of having children of her own. Mike says that Lisa had longed for children for nearly 30 years, but was unable to conceive. Omaha reports that the twins were born prematurely and weighed just three pounds, but were surprisingly healthy. The woman who was genetically born a man - A and told she would never conceive - has been pictured at home with the twin girls she gave birth to.Hayley Haynes was born without a womb, ovaries or fallopian tubes. A ray of hope came in 2007 when a new specialist at Royal Derby Hospital found a tiny womb missed on previous scans. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You don’t need to use any medical ways to be able to get the baby boy because you can get the baby boy naturally, if you know how to do it.
Understanding on how to calculate ovulation period is very important because it can help you to get pregnant quickly. For the first time moms, newly wed couples, or for those who have already baby boy in their family, collecting pink stuffs is another cute blessings that can complete a family. Every couple, especially the mothers, would definitely like to change your diet who can play with them, put accessories, and reward all the things that they have collected. This article aims to help women who are planning to start off a family and getting pregnant.
This is the stage in a woman’s life that involves mixed emotions, feelings and anxieties that can cause complications.

Many married couples find themselves asking the question of the best sex positions to conceive a baby boy, and this guide looks at some of the ways you can improve your chances. We’ll be looking at some of the recommended sex positions you can use to increase your chances of having a baby boy.
Earnings Disclaimer: When you buy certain products from some of the sites which we link to, Twinstuff receives a commission. Thanks to the holy and mighty prayers you taught me I was able to conceive and have a blissful pregnancy and I am immensely grateful for having had you in my life at such a critical time.
We had difficulties conceiving until I started reading one of your books, “WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT INFERTILE” we were introduced to it by our family friend David and Oumaki whom God also used your books to bless. Just wanted to let you know that the little baby boy The Lord blessed us with turned 5 on yesterday. Dear Pastor Veronica, I want to testify for what God has done for me because He has proved to me that He is a God of miracle, He makes a way where there is no way for us as long as we believe in His words, His promises must surely come pass in our lives. To God be the Glory, in February 2009, miraclously, God blessed me with the fruit of the womb, praise be to his holy name, October 2009, l delivered a baby girl. Dear Pastor Veronica,Thank you for your powerful ministry of showing forth the word of God so that women all over the world can receive the blessing of children. After 6 years of marriage and no pregnancy imagine my joy when I saw Pastor Veronica on the TV sharing her miracle books and testimonies! I bought her books, healing oil and sowed a seed of faith into her great work to show God I meant business.
She said to me, “Vero, if you want to stand on God’s word and trust God, I will stand with you and you will have a perfect baby!. God’s word is powerful and mighty and if you do not meet the right person to help you in time of need you may suffer and lose out in life, not knowing how to use Gods word effectively.
Based upon his word in Deuteronomy 7:13, that he will bless me and multiply me and bless the fruit of my womb.
When the doctor confirmed I was pregnant I screamed and then went out and called Veronica Anusionwu. If you follow the information contained in it, I do not see why you can not get the same result I got. I decided to stay off the medications and take God’s word, for two days as you advised.
I live in Zimbabwe is there a place where we can buy your books coz they are truly a blessing.
There are a lot of people I know who have the problem of infertility and if I know where to buy your books in this place it will be a blessing for them. At first I was a bit skeptical, as I had never heard of the anointing oil, let alone how to use it. However I was in and out of hospital, this is when I phoned Sister Veronica from the hospital and told her what had happened. I used the “Secrets To A Blissful Pregnancy And Pain Free Childbirth” by Pastor Veronica Anusionwu and I began to stand on the promises of the Lord concerning children and I began to confess his word. Kelly & GeorgeIt was on the 1st of April 2007 that we meet Pastor Veronica at wonderful TV studio.
When I saw pastor veronica on the Christian channel I called her and ordered a few of her books. When he found scar tissue, endometriosis, three cysts sitting on my fallopian tubes causing them to bend.
Pastor recommended 3 books, woman you are not infertile, and man you are not infertile and the book, “winning in life through the anointed oil” and some healing anointed oil. We stood upon His word as you wrote in your book, “choosing Your Baby’s Sex” and God has given us a baby BOY Today! I bought Veronica Anusionwu books, that talked of healing through the anointing oil and woman you are not infertile. I encourage anyone facing challenges in their life, to hold on to the word of the Lord in these books. Lisa Swinton McLaughlin, from Baltimore, Maryland, was 56-years-old when she birthed twin baby boys and passed away shortly thereafter. After 10 long years, Lisa’s dream came true and she found out she was not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins.
He says once the babies are able to leave the neonatal intensive care he will have help from a nanny. My biggest fear was never having children,' she told the Daily Mirror.'Suddenly a huge piece of my life was missing.
Females usually have two X chromosomes, and males usually have one X and one Y chromosome.The presence of a Y chromosome is important for the development of testes and prevents ovaries developing.
This shows a 74% increase in twin births over the last 20 years, in part due to the improvement and increased use of infertility treatments. Oftentimes, it happens during the conception period, but high risk is possible during the first trimester of pregnancy. The factors that affect this dilemma seem to be uncontrollable, but expectant mothers should know how to avoid miscarriage during pregnancy and eventually have safe delivery.
We give God all the glory every day, you prayed for us then and our heart’s desire is for a baby girl now.

I am sending a picture of Jaycee Jeremiah; he is every bit of what we prayed for glory to God!
After 5 years struggling, 5 years of crying every single month when that ugly red visitor arrived , I fell pregnant with my little girl. We met with the gynaecologist and after discussing with us, he told me I was over weight, that he cannot do anything except I reduce my weight to a certain level, we left. We thank you for your books and prayers and your passion to see the word of the Lord come alive in our lives.
Then one day I came across this site and the question itself really touched me, “Have You Asked God Yet to Bless You With A Baby?”I realized that the way I was praying was not enough and I started praying regularly every day, Veronica your prayer and asked God to OPEN MY WOMB. I told her my plight and asked her to agree with me for God to take infertility from my life.
She called me every morning at 6 am and prayed with me, speaking Gods promise over my pregnancy. But by the wisdom God gave her, she taught me how to use Gods word and I overcome what would have been a great loss in my life. She prayed for me and advised me to use the anointing oil and confess the word of God daily until my breakthrough had come. After we explained to her the medical situation which had to do with my husband George she prayed and agreed with us. She has been very supportive and often would encourage me that God never fails to fulfill his promises and that I should continue reading the books and praising Him no matter what.
As I read the book and started to practice using the anointing oil, the Lord showed up mightily for me. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived with Lisa passing away just seven days after her babies’ births.
McLaughlin had been suffering through pain that she thought was a result of her cesarean section; however, the pain was from a bowel obstruction that would claim her life. They tried various treatments and finally Lisa’s dreams came true and she was pregnant with not one baby, but two. However, since he is retired and his wife is no longer with him, he will most likely move back to his hometown in Nebraska to be closer to his adult son and other family members can help out. I still couldn't conceive naturally but I could have the option of IVF.'The first step was a course of hormone tablets to give her the right levels of progesterone and oestrogen, which would stop her suffering osteoporosis and create an environment in which her womb could grow.
Please have your prayer partners praying for us…I am always encouraged by your emails.
God is indeed faithful!I’ll NEVER forget your prayers for me when I was struggling to fall pregnant.
There was a day I watched your programme on Wonderful television and the way you spoke gave me so much hope and encouragement. Please if you are having any challenges in this area, talk to her, buy her books and partnership with her ministry.
Thanks be to God for the book, “Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive” I am continuously praising and thanking God Almighty for this mighty miracle.
Thank God for the book “Woman You are not infertile” and Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive? Genitals then develop along female lines, and the testes usually remain inside the body.There are two types of AIS, which are determined by the level of insensitivity to androgen. Then at the 3 months checkups they told me the baby will be deformed that I needed to abort. God is using you to wipe away tears in the eyes of many hopeless couples with the work you are doing. I encourage anyone today facing challenges in their life, to hold on to the word of the Lord. We used Gods word faithfully for two months and conceived a child even though we had been told this was not possible. I leaned towards God’s promises and I started calling those things that are not as though they are-well. In December, she was placed on bed rest due to the size of one of the twins which resulted in blood flow problems for the baby.
You took me as your younger sister and encouraged me with the word of God when I’d lost all hope. Today we have a beautiful daughter and we thank pastor and give all the glory to Jesus for what he has done for us. Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) a€“ when there is total insensitivity to androgen and a child develops external genitals that are entirely female; most children born with CAIS are raised as girls2.
The testes are discovered when the hernias are operated on.In other cases, CAIS may not be diagnosed until puberty, when a girl's periods don't start and she has a lack of pubic and underarm hair.

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