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You may have heard that you have a 20-25 percent chance of conceiving during any given menstrual cycle. The only way i would suggest it was an evap is because it is quite thin, but i could be wrong - fingers crossed that i am! When my husband and I planned to have our first baby, it took longer than we expected, and it seemed like everyone around us was magically becoming pregnant as soon as they started trying. I recently learned there is now a patented prenatal male fertility supplement specifically designed for sperm health.
Proxeed Plus targets specific metabolic functions involved in sperm metabolism, and contains L-carnitine and Acetyl-L-carnitine.

Proxeed Plus is available for purchase via phone or online for $130.00 for a one-month supply, two boxes containing 30 packets each.
Proxeed Plus is a patented prenatal male fertility supplement product specifically designed for sperm health. He humored me and all my oddball commands, which was good because I’m sure it was stressful for him too.
I was part of Trying To Conceive message groups where women shared tips, old wives tales, and success stories as we encouraged each other month after month. The truth is, women tend to look for ways to make trying to conceive easier, but we never really think about a man’s contribution much.

It generally takes sperm about 74 days to mature and 20 more days to be capable of fertilization, so Proxeed Plus can benefit sperm quality in as soon as 90 days (maximum benefit is at six months). While trying, and when you do succeed, you want to be happy, not barking at each other because of how incredibly stressful this time was.
Sperm health and quality begins to decline around age 25 and certain lifestyle habits contribute further, like smoking, drinking and stress.

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