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While researchers and scientists don't always agree that the Shettles Method works, it is definitely not going to hurt anything, so feel free to give it a try if you feel so inclined!
The Shettles Method is a natural gender selection method that bases its ideas on the fact that male sperm and female sperm are formed differently. There are a few other things that you can do to increase your chances of conceiving a girl, according to the Shettles method. How Do You Conceive A Girl - Find Out Effective Ways To Make a Girl Baby EasilyConceive a girl by using the well-known Shettles techniqueMany women, who have conceived a girl, have claimed that the Shettles method did work. Best Ways To Conceive A Girl Best Ways To Conceive A GirlConceiving a baby is one of the happiest moments in woman’s life.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
There is a scientific premise that daughter producing spermatozoa travel slower and live longer.
Shettles, X sperm (female sperm) survive longer in the cervix, and they are also slower than Y (male) sperm. When you want to have a girl, you need to make sure that you have sex 2-3 days before ovulation.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! She joined ConceiveEasy as she has a strong interest in educating and empowering women and promoting fertility awareness. There are expecting parents that prefer their first-born to be female.But there is no 100% guarantee on how to conceive a girl except for the artificial insemination procedure. Using the Shettles method, you can supposedly conceive either a boy or girl, by following simple rules set forth by Dr. Y sperm (boy sperm) are faster and smaller than X sperm (girl sperm), and they are also not as hearty, meaning that boy sperm die more easily and more quickly.
This is so the male sperm can die off, since it doesn’t live as long as the female sperm. Shettles says that for a girl, moms should eat lots of calcium, lots of fruits and veggies, and should avoid anything salty.

So basically the girl baby producing spermatozoa must reach the egg before the boy producing spermatozoa. But there are other more affordable methods people can use to change the circumstances in their favor.The Shettles OptionThis method is based on the belief that the sperm from a male that contains X chromosome swims faster in the reproduction canal faster.
According to Shettles it is crucial to take a break from intercourse 3 days before ovulation. Couples that want to use this option are encouraged to sleep together three days before the menstrual cycle of the female.Dr.
While researchers and scientists don’t always agree that the Shettles Method works, it is definitely not going to hurt anything, so feel free to give it a try if you feel so inclined! Shettles says that you can influence whether you have a boy or a girl by using those differences to your advantage. Although you can have plenty of intercourse before the three days before ovulation (good website for gender selection).
Landrum Shettles also says that prospective parents should choose the missionary position when sleeping together. This is because female sperm prefer the acidic environment of the vagina, and orgasm makes for a more alkaline environment. The theory is that the conditions after avoiding sex, for a certain period, will be tougher. But he cautions using this option too often because the environment may be conditioned to favor the X chromosome sperm.
And if this leads to a health baby girl is 9 months, then it is really fantastic.Wanting to give birth to a girl, can often become an obsession to several women. They may not be able to have a male baby in the future, if this happens.The O+12 Girl Conception MethodThis method was created by an unnamed mother that is trying to conceive a girl after seven sons. Couples are encouraged to sleep together 12 hours after the ovulation cycle to increase the chances to conceive a girl.The mother previously followed the Whelan option but became frustrated because of lack of success.
She successfully gave birth to her long-awaited daughter.The Whelan Pregnancy OptionThis method was created by Dr. Your intent does actually play a role and avoiding any kind of negative thoughts is necessary.

It is based on the belief that couples that are aiming to conceive a baby girl should have sexual relations closed to the ovulation period of the female.This will improve the possibility of carrying a female baby. Your dreams could become true, if you stay positive and keep your hopes up.Microsort sperm selection is used to conceive a female childThe gender of the baby is decided by sperm, then it would make sense to pick the right ones. Whelan also said that this choice prevents the mother from experiencing too much stress on their body.The Chinese Conception GraphThis method was developed 700 years ago in imperial China. It uses the age of the expectant mother and the month that they want to conceive their baby.
There is no definite proof that this is 100% accurate but there are some still believe on its effectiveness.People that want to use it should remember that the age of the female is based on the lunar calendar.
It is very important that they are knowledgeable about it so that their calculations are correct.Vitamins and OTC SupplementsThere are some aspiring mothers that believe that they can achieve their dreams of conceiving a baby girl by consuming vitamins and over-the-counter supplements. Microsort sperm selection is worth looking into and something that should not be ruled out.Making love not having intercourse is often needed to conceive a daughterWhat I mean by that, is that conceiving a baby should be enjoyable and not be a chore. Another popular belief with this option is that a woman can increase their probability of having a daughter by taking calcium capsules before intercourse.The Sudafed QuestionThere are some people that take Sudafed before having sex since they believe that it will decrease the mucus in their cervix.
This kind of a technique is not scientifically proven of course, but any assistance is welcomed. The last thing you should do, when giving birth to a baby, is thinking about the gender of the baby. Very often when you want something so bad and you really try very hard (how do you conceive a girl). When you are planning some kind of a romantic evening, take into account the fertility cycle.

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