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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Why are you storing date values as strings using nvarchar(25) instead of using the database's native date or datetime type?
There were issues importing the varchar as datetime originally (hence DOB is stored as a varchar), but you can use this method? If we're talking about human ages, you should calculate it the way humans calculate age.
There are several suggestions here involving comparing the month & day (and some get it wrong, failing to allow for the OR as correctly here!).

For everyone born after February their Age is incremented one day early on every leap year using the DayOfYear method. May be worth noting that 112 is a special number for the CONVERT function that formats the date as yyyymmdd.
I leave it in here as a warning to anyone tempted to use dayofyear, with a further edit at the end. I decided to leave my solution in as a warning to anyone who might or has used dayofyear, but clearly edited to show why it goes wrong. This is the only exactly correct code in this thread without (ugly) string transformations!

If someone was born on 1969-01-10, you'd expect people to consider them to be 45 on 2014-01-10.

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