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The Georgia House Health and Human Services committee passed a bill that would provide state grants for pregnancy centers that discourage women from getting abortions.
A Georgia House committee passed a measure Tuesday that could provide up to $2 million in state grants for nonprofit pregnancy resource centers that discourage women from getting abortions. The question "How soon after pregnancy termination can you conceive?" is one that all women how are considering or who have undergone an abortion need to know the answer to.
Undergoing a pregnancy termination may not necessarily interfere with a woman's ability to get pregnant again. In a situation where the abortion was performed because of a medical reason affecting the fetus, the woman and her doctor need to discuss the likelihood of conceiving another child with a similar medical issue before deciding whether to try to conceive again.
Women who have recently had an abortion should discuss their plans with their healthcare provider. If the woman took the abortion pill to terminate the pregnancy, she may have experienced heavy bleeding as part of the process. The doctor will likely advise a woman who has undergone a surgical pregnancy termination to abstain from intercourse for approximately four weeks to allow her cervix to close following the procedure.
Even if the woman has physically healed after undergoing a pregnancy termination, she may not feel emotionally ready to consider conceiving again immediately. A woman who has had an abortion needs to know that the answer to the question "How soon after pregnancy termination can you conceive?" is that the possibility exists for a subsequent pregnancy to occur very quickly after undergoing the procedure.

The bill, SB 308, would set up the "Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program" through the state Department of Public Health.
Some women ovulate within two weeks after undergoing the procedure, which means that conception could occur very quickly afterward.
Sometimes the abortion is performed because the woman's life or health would be in danger if the pregnancy continued due to a health condition. It's important to go for a follow-up appointment with their doctor approximately two weeks after the termination to confirm that the procedure was fully completed and that she is healing properly. If a woman has undergone more than one in-clinic abortion, the repeated dilation of her cervix may weaken it. If the termination was performed because of a serious birth defect in the fetus, the woman may need to take time to grieve over the loss of the child before she can consider getting pregnant again.
Unless she wants to become pregnant again, she needs to use a reliable method of birth control. If the abortion was performed because the pregnancy was unplanned and the woman doesn't want to have a child, she should discuss her birth control options with her doctor to reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant again.
Like the woman who does not wish to become a parent at the present time, she should discuss her birth control options with her doctor so that she can choose a method with a relatively low failure rate.
If she has this condition, she will need to take iron supplements to restore her hemoglobin levels to normal.

Getting pregnant again soon after a termination and choosing to continue the pregnancy means that she may need to undergo a surgical procedure to place a stitch in her cervix to hold it closed until the time comes for her to deliver the baby. The length of time this process takes varies from woman to woman and there is no "right" amount of time it will take. She also needs to understand that with the exception of complete abstinence, no method of contraception is 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.
Renee Unterman, R-Buford, the bill’s sponsor, said these centers provide positive alternatives for pregnant women, offering services like ultrasounds,  and could help reduce the number of abortions in the state. Rebecca DeHart said she visited a facility while in college when she was in need of critical medical care for what turned out to be an ovarian cyst that had burst. I thought it was a medical facility,” said DeHart, who’s also executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Unterman said the bill could help bring transparency to centers that opt in to the grant program because the centers would be under state oversight. The bill has already passed the state Senate and now moves to the House Rules Committee, which will decide if the bill will get a vote in the full House.

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