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A Fallback Rise: After ovulation, your temperature shoots up dramatically, but on the second day it dips dramatically downward, often past your coverline.
A Staircase Rise: The temperature rises a few, drops a few, then rises a few more, then drops a few, then rises even more, then drops a few, etc.
I haven't found very concrete information yet, on what would cause a chart to shift patterns, but seeing as how it's still considered normal, I'm not too worried.
Amber: I'm a 20-something woman working on conquering the world and motherhood at the same time. From trying to conceive to raising children, and being a stay-at-home or working mom, this blog by four great women will take a realist approach to the journey.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, many women chart their basal body temperatures to chart ovulation (see this post).
The nice part is I'm very good at recognizing the BBT chart type of others now, so it has been a fun learning experience. Like a sloping rise, the temperatures increase gradually, but over a longer period of time (usually taking 4-6 days to hit the plateau).
It's also a center for answers to all of those little questions you have and advice for all of your mommy-related problems. But this month, having known I ovulated (per my fertility monitor and other symptoms) I did not get the same dramatic shift.

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