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The New York based professional beautician has said that she wanted to look all glam to welcome her daughter into the world. According to her, “Three weeks ago at this time I was finishing up my make-up and getting ready for my princess to make her appearance.
An epidural makes you not feel anything from your waist down, so I don’t know what you mean. Well if you look closely at the bedside you’ll notice that pesky epidural stand giving her away looooooool? There are billions of women in this world and you think you’ve seen it all or know it all because you supposedly delivered 60 women out of billions.
Bet if this was a naija lady, same people commending this lady will be cursing the naija lady. Hmmm, all I could do during labour was throw my clothes off, squat like every 5 seconds and give husby some abaras when he asked me some silly kweshons. Miss Ebony, epidural is used during vaginal delivery also, u don’t feel pain while pushing, just pressure.
She does three 30-40 minute workouts every week to keep strong and says it isn't about being skinnyDuring her 30-40 minute workouts, Brittany does a variety of exercises including barbell curls, tricep dips and squats.A At 33 weeks, babies weigh a little over 4 pounds and are about the size of a pineapple.

Brittany is pictured here after the birth of her first child, OrlandoA 'You shouldn't worry about putting on weight.
She is now a stay at home mum with her one-year-old son OrlandoA  WHAT IS BRITTANY HORE'S WEEKLY PREGNANCY WORKOUT? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
She talked of her OWN experience and you brought in a FRIEND’S experience and called her a liar.
Abeg who told una she was given epidural or that epidural automatically makes you calm enough to do other things while giving birth? I remember wen i had my 1st, i went in wiv a made up face n my nails were done, i was told to take everything off. There is no way on this planet that a woman can go through it without effective pain relief and calmingly put her makeup on. Cos epidural is what they use in Caeserean Section cases, so you don’t feel a thing until well after. She did not make up to greet any baby, she did it for the ‘gram and we all know this.

For some reason, crochet helps me take my mind off things so it was the perfect bedside mate (along with my husband) for me when I delievered. It just needs to be safe and progressed,' Cassie added.'When women are pregnant a hormone called relaxin is released, which relaxes off the joints.
The same way they made it look like every pregnant woman must carry loads of spit for mouth, hold their waist when they walk or get up, gain 60lbs during each birth, carry baby weight for 10 years and so on lmao.
During the late stage of pregnancy women are more at risk of muscular skeletal injury, especially around the sacroiliac joint, which is in the pelvis.
Shoo, some women dey get period throughout pregnancy dey, some no dey grow big belle or have any symptoms, some no dey know dey even get belle till pikin start coming out and the list goes on.

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