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What’s the difference between pure honey and raw honey and which one should we be using? A teacher turned stay-at-home mom turned urban homesteader - my days are filled with laughing and tears, joys and frustrations, chickens and children.
Honey mainly contains two simple sugars, glucose and fructose, and complex sugars like maltose and sucrose, and important minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium. Babies up to one year should not be given honey because of dirt that can be found in it, and in the first year of life, children do not have sufficiently developed immune system.
Honey and apple vinegar is used for a long time for self-detox and to easy problems brought by arthritis. The medicine of far east has used honey and cinnamon mixture for thousand years for his many health benefits like bad breath or hair loss.
Honey and lemon diet becoming popular, many people are passing their weight loss success with this diet. Athletic performances are affected by honey consumption which is result of some recent science studies.

Honey will nourish and moisturize your skin and his anti-bacterial affects will help to resolve numerous skin problems. Just two tablespoons of honey daily can decrease risk of very low blood count during the chemotherapy. To achieve balance in body and in blood chemistry, take one spoon of honey with some warm water each morning before yoga session.
Honey has calming benefits, and therefor use of honey can help to prevent night cough among children helping well and sound sleep.
For two pounds of honey, one hundred thousand bees have to collect nectar from over two million flowers, traveling fifty thousand miles. The best is if you have stand mixer because honey needs to be whipped for about fifteen minutes. When your cuttings are prepared for potting, immerse end of each cutting into honey solution before planting.
Blend together one cup of orange juice, one cup of plain yoghurt and half a cup of liquid honey.

One spoon of honey in the morning will lower cholesterol and prevent vascular and heart diseases. His got antibacterial properties and nourishing affects that helps skin heal after injuries.
Alternatively, instead of milk, chamomile tea with honey is great remedy for sleeplessness.
To wash mouth and throat, use mixture of equal amounts honey and lemon juice with a little bit of salt.
Quality of honey is determined by season flora at the time when collected and water content.

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