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After we discharge our patients from our surgery center, we send them home with instructions to go about the rest of the day and ensuing two weeks with normal, reduced activity.
So we have now come to the end of the IVF procedure and the maximum that our technology can help a person to achieve a pregnancy.
I know that some clinics want to be absolutely sure so they wait for 14 days but the problem with that protocol is that an early chemical pregnancy will be missed, and in my opinion, it is important to know if a chemical pregnancy occurred or not. This event is important to know because it verifies that the patient can become pregnant with IVF and that the last steps the body needs to take naturally (implantation) actually occurred. The body is a fluid and dynamic structure and there will be many sensations that patients report during this period.
Some patients will experience sharp or stabbing pains, on the other hand, that may not be from implantation but more from the ovaries. One cause of light bleeding that does need medical attention is when it occurs after the pregnancy has already been diagnosed.
With that knowledge the patient can be reassured that this treatment can work, that her body can do what it needs to do, and it is just a matter of getting a perfect embryo into her womb for her to be successful.
This bleeding may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the tubes, ovaries or elsewhere but not in the uterus).
This could mean that the period is starting, because no implantation occurred or could be an early miscarriage if it did.
If a day #3 transfer was done, it will take approximately 7 days for the remainder of the process to be completed and for the pregnancy test to be positive.

It can also occur in a multiple pregnancy, such as a twin, if one of the fetus’ is lost.
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It would be good to know that those last steps, those steps that are beyond our technology, can occur on their own. If this pain becomes severe and not relieved with simple pain medication such as Motrin, Ibpuprofen, Naproxen or others, then it could be a serious problem.
Again, in most cases this bleeding is inconsequential but it could also indicate problems such as inadequate hormone support for the luteal phase, thereby causing the endometrial lining to start to slough.
When we went through IVF over a decade ago, my wife also had heavy bleeding after our IVF cycle.
Post IVF complications causing severe pain include Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), Ovarian torsion (twisting), Ovarian hemorrhage, Ectopic pregnancy and Pelvic infection. Certainly with implantation, the uterus is undergoing changes and cramping tends to be one way that uteri react. If the pain is mild, then intervention is probably not required but if severe, it could be one of these serious medical problems that will require medical treatment because they could be life threatening. When the bleeding is light, I usually will reassure my patients that no intervention is required.

I was sure that she had lost the pregnancy but an ultrasound showed that the pregnancy was still there and viable. So, if the timing is appropriate, namely at the point where implantation would be expected as described above, then these sensations could certainly be related to it. She went on to have a successful pregnancy and delivered a beautiful, normal and smart daughter. Of course, onset of ones period can also be heralded by cramping but this is usually accompanied by bleeding. On the other hand, if you have had a positive pregnancy test and these symptoms occur, impending miscarriage could be another source of cramping or pain. So if bleeding occurs, it is not necessarily indicating the end of the pregnancy. There are other medical causes of bleeding once the pregnancy is established, but that would be a totally different topic and is more pregnancy related than IVF related.

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