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By the eighth month of pregnancy, most woman are feeling uncomfortable, impatient and a little anxious. Late pregnancy fatigue could stop you from getting exercise, but staying active is essential to a healthy eighth month of pregnancy.
During this month, your baby will become more sensitive to light and sound, and you should be feeling strong movements by this point. You will continue to gain about a pound a week, and by now you will be feeling the aches, pains and fatigue associated with late pregnancy. Extra fruits and vegetables can reduce constipation and reduce your chances of developing hemorrhoids.

All of these exercises can relieve aches and pains and help your baby to position correctly for delivery. Even if you are not doing actual kick counts, you should still be aware of how often your baby moves.
A healthy lifestyle during your eighth month of pregnancy can help relieve some of these complaints, and is important to delivering a healthy baby. Avoid actions that require you to move quickly, jump up and down, lie flat on your back or make you feel uncomfortable. If you are experiencing contractions, even if you think they are Braxton-Hicks, more than four times and hour, if you notice any bleeding, swelling or if something just feels off, call your doctor or head to the nearest emergency room.

If you stop feeling movement, or if the movements are happening a lot less frequently than normal, call your doctor or head to the closest hospital. Remember to take your prenatal vitamin, and follow the dietary guidelines set by your doctor.

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