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Obese women, with a BMI (body mass index above 30), are under a greater risks of complications during pregnancy. Thrombosis: The formation of clots in blood vessels which may lead to more serious complications.
With an annual growing population of obese women and an increased awareness of the complications related to obesity whilst pregnant, more and more women are turning towards weight loss surgery to gain a healthier weight. The most sought after weight loss surgery before pregnancy is the gastric band (laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding) due to its reversibility and non restriction on nutrients absorption. During the study, to minimize band restriction during pregnancy, all fluid was taken out of the gastric bands as early as possible.

Email your questions, call us or simply book a consultation to discuss your weight loss treatment options. The gastric band weight loss surgery is the insertion of an inflatable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce intake of food and promote weight loss when combined a healthy lifestyle. The study group was made up of 650 patients that underwent the gastric band weight loss surgery of which 20 women had 22 pregnancies. Optimal and healthy weight gain during pregnancy was measured for all women and fluid was added to the bands accordingly from 14 weeks on-wards. The silicone bands were deflated and then restricted again to ensure a healthy pregnancy whilst limiting excessive weight gain and promote healthy weight loss post pregnancy.

In pregnancy, the adjustable option of the gastric band ensures that both the mother and baby have an easier access to essential nutrients.

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