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Make two cappuccinos, slip into your PJs together, drink that coffee quickly, and tuck each other in. Make sure to have your napping essentials set up in advance: his-and-hers eye shades, room darkening curtains, and a white noise machine.
By the time you both wake up, the caffeine will have kicked in to give you energy for whatever it is you think you might want to do.

Take your time transitioning from horizontal to vertical—there’s no rush, there’s no crash in the other room, there’s no one quite likely painting their crib with a poopy diaper. Use those functioning eyes to see the perfect amount of space both you and your partner have in your nice, big bed.
Use your money to buy things you want, not loud, messy, overpriced “As Seen On TV” things small people have been begging for every hour on the hour for the last six months so you relented in a moment of weakness and now have to follow through on.

Just kiss -- like, really kiss -- whenever you arrive at a known landmark: famous statues, top of the Empire State Building, Chicago's bean -- smooch at all of them.

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