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A menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon for a woman which hallmarks her reproductive ability.Know some useful facts about menstrual cycle, pregnancy and contraception to plan your family in an appropriate way. Menstrual Cycle To Determine Pregnancy Individual Women Can Have Unique Cycles It is believed that the average menstrual cycle in women is of 28 days.
Pregnancy can be indicative when you have a missed period, although there can be many other causes of having a missed period.
Safe Days Of Sex Without The Possibility Of Pregnancy A woman may not conceive every time she has sexual intercourse. Menstrual Cycle, Ovulation And Pregnancy Can Be A Complex Outcome Although it may seem simple, menstrual cycle and conception can be a tricky phenomenon for the average woman.
Ovulation generally happens between the 14-16th day before your next menstrual period begins. Natural Family Planning With Menstrual Cycle Menstrual cycle can help both achieve and prevent pregnancy in women.  Natural family planning is a way to have sex without contraception and without the risk of pregnancy.
When you want to implement natural family planning, you have to heed the time when you are most and least fertile in your cycles.
However, it is not 100% safe to rely on natural family planning and have unprotected sex even with the most precise tools because mother nature may have something else in store than what you have planned for! You must definitely take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy; it must certainly not be ignored. If you are pregnant, and you catch certain infections, they can be harmful for you and your baby. Most women who have kids agree that experiencing occasional cramping during pregnancy is quite common. An average woman’s menstrual cycle is around 28 days long, although very few women have cycles that are exactly 28 days long.
A woman’s menstrual cycle starts on the first day of her period, which is when her body sheds the uterine lining and unfertilized egg from the previous cycle. Statistically, it seems as if the women with shorter cycles have an advantage when it comes to trying to conceive.

Women with short cycles can maximize their chances of conceiving by having sexual intercourse continuously throughout her cycle, so as not to miss her time of ovulation, since it may come earlier than anticipated in the cycle.
Actually you sound like a 17yo ?? It is normal for periods to be irregular until around age 21 as the body is still growing and those hormones are still learning what to do and to get into alignment.
On the contrary, it can be a fear for many others who have already completed their families. If you have been having sex frequently and did not experience bleeding for six weeks, go for a pregnancy test. But this largely depends on her cycle. For a 28 days cycle, starting from the first day, the day 14 of menstrual period can be the most fertile. Ovulation, which is the key to pregnancy, can be determined with great approximation using some indispensable tools like recording body temperature and analyzing cervical fluids.
Women’s cycles vary vastly, and the best indicator of menstrual cycle health for that woman is cycles of similar length. Once her period is over, the woman’s ovaries produce a mature egg, which is then released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes. Therefore, if a woman has a shorter cycle, she is considered to be fertile for a larger percentage of her cycle than a woman with a longer cycle. Those women tend to also be lucky in another way; their menstrual periods also tend to be shorter. If she finds that her cervical mucus is not thin or plentiful enough, or it does not have the “egg white” texture considered to be the ideal consistency, she can use sperm-friendly lubricant to help carry the sperm into her cervix. I used to have periods for 5 6 days when i was 15 but after turning 16 last year this all happened imma virgin my Question is that can i get pregnant in the future or will i have a problem in having children?
The best thing to do for your cycle is to help your hormones by sleeping regular hours and eating alot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Women can be better equipped for handling pregnancy when they have the right knowledge about the menstrual cycle.
This means that if a sperm gets deposited on day 10 (which can usually live till day 14), a woman can conceive when she has a fertile cervical mucus.

Women with regular menstrual cycles (26-32 days) have the highest chances of getting pregnant between 8-19th day of their cycles.It is not easy to predict ovulation, and pregnancy, when you have irregular periods. When a woman’s cycles are irregular, she has a difficult time anticipating when she is ovulating, so she cannot estimate her fertile days. For example, a woman with a 21-day (three-week) cycle is fertile for approximately one-third of the entire cycle, whereas a woman with a five-week-long cycle is only fertile for one-fifth of each cycle. A short cycle does not preclude successfully conceiving a child, and can actually aid in conceiving quickly!
A sperm can also conjugate with her egg from the 15th day upto the 19th day of the cycle. If you want to know the most fertile days, go two ways- backward 72 hours and forward 24 hours. The sperm, which has to combine with the egg (fertilization) to result into conception, can survive in a woman’s body for about 4-7 days.
In order for a cycle to result in a successful pregnancy, the egg must be fertilized soon after it is released.
When a woman ovulates after a very short period of maturation in the ovary, the hormonal cues in the woman’s body may not have enough time to adapt and change throughout the cycle.
Sperm can survive inside a woman’s cervix and uterus for up to a week, so it helps for a woman to know when she ovulates in order to time sexual activity.
Therefore, that woman’s hormones may not be at levels high enough to maintain and develop a pregnancy. From there, the woman can discuss options with her doctor in order to create more hormonal balance throughout her cycle.

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