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The Office for National Statistics, which is in charge of collecting data from across the UK, revealed that in 2013 the conception rate for those under 18 was at its lowest since records began in 1969 in England and Wales, with 24.5% conceptions per 1000 women aged 15-17.
This fall follows the overall decrease in teenage pregnancies since 1998 (with slight increases in 2002 and 2007). The statistics also show most of the top ten areas with the highest teen pregnancy rates also had a decrease in the number of teenagers getting pregnant between 2012 and 2013, with rates in Middlesbrough dropping from 52% in 2012 to just 40.5%.

The decrease could possibly be linked to the government’s commitment to helping to decrease rates as part of its national measures to help stop child poverty, or the stigma attached teenage parenthood. The report also showed a decrease of 13% in numbers of teenage pregnancies between 2013 and 2012 for under 18 year olds, and a further 14% decrease for under 16 years old.

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