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Do you find you always get more kicks while you’re still and resting but when you’re running around like a mad thing baby goes quiet? Probably all that sitting during the car journey down there was a bit dull for the baby and maybe a bit squashed too. After two days of driving, a sleepless night in a motel and being hit by tennis ball sized hail, we have arrived in St Tropez. So quiet in fact, I prepared myself to pay the neighbouring hospital a visit and ask for a scan.

Stateside East coast we had a storm last friday and we have been without power since then and it has been at least 100 degees F every day.
Yes, those little kicks are there just to assure mums that everything is ok, not so funny when baby decides to be lazy for too long.
I am trying not to think of the newly acquired dents that adorn our car now, but to focus on one thing: relaxation. It’s almost funny how quickly the amount and intensity of kicks picked up again once I had voiced my concerns.

I hope we don’t lose water too because I don’t want to do a Man versus Wild and have to drink my own urine!
I find kicks more apparent at night but think its because they’re more noticeable that way.

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