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Dilation and Curettage (D & C): Similar to the suction method except for insertion of a loop-shaped knife (curette) which cuts the baby apart and scrapes the pieces out through the cervix. Saline Solution Method (Salt Poisoning): Outlawed in Japan and other countries, this procedure is becoming less popular due to its risk to the mother.
Intercardiac Injection: At about 16 weeks, ultrasound is used to pinpoint the location of the baby's heart. Partial Birth Abortion or Dilation & Extraction (D & X): While only the baby's head is in the uterus, the abortionist lifts the cervix and applies pressure to the baby shoulders with the fingers of the left hand. WARNING: It is important that you do not sign any waiver excusing or releasing the doctor and his or her assistants and the clinic from any and all claims arising out of or connected with the performance of this operation and any other actions taken by them which are incidental. An abortion during high estrogen levels in the early months of pregnancy predisposes a woman to getting breast cancer.
A 1995 Harvard University study on over 2,000 women in Greece found a significant 51 percent increased breast cancer risk among women who had any abortions.
A 1994 National Cancer Institute study of over 1,800 women in Washington State found a significant 50 percent increased risk among women who had any abortions. Spring Retreat June 3,4 & 5th 2016 in Kennebunkport, Maine at the Franciscan Guest house with Rev.
If a pregnant woman decides to end her pregnancy, doctors can offer with several options to terminally end the course of gestation.
However, there are other medicines, which are not classified as abortion pill, but have an abortive effect. In the case of pregnancy (presence of fetus) the placenta (source of oxygen and nutrients for the fetus) is disrupted, which can fatally end the normal circulation of blood to the developing fetus. Usually, after taking the pill, a surgical procedure to induce abortion or to medically remove the fetus from the womb of the mother is performed.
These products of conception must be removed to prevent further health complications to a pregnant woman.
This is why, using of abortion pill requires firm decision making coming from the parents and in the knowledge of the doctor. If not properly treated or medical interventions are not given before, during, and after the onset of bleeding, it can lead to mortality of the pregnant woman.

The most fatal complication of taking abortion pill is massive vaginal bleeding that can lead to hemorrhage. Undiagnosed case of ectopic pregnancy, which is manifested by a sudden and throbbing-like abdominal pain. Incomplete-type of abortion, some fetal product remains intact inside the pregnant woman’s body. If these signs and symptoms occur during and after taking the abortion pill, immediately call for medical help. Sometimes it is damaged because during the pregnancy the cervix is closed tightly to protect the baby. A curette is then used to dismember the child, and the parts of the baby's body and its crushed head are removed by ring forceps.
A needle injects a fluid into it's heart, causing an immediate heart attack, killing the preborn baby. Although such waivers are invalid, they may be produced later to discourage you or your next of kin from initiating legal action.
In fact, a full-term pregnancy early in a woman's reproductive life is protective against breast cancer.
The risk was more than double for women whose abortion (or first abortion) took place before age 18 or over age 30. Some of these drugs are used for treating acne, cough syrups, analgesics, and other over-the-counter drugs. It contains substances (hormonal in nature) that can affect the normal physiologic functions of hormones involved in pregnancy.
This is to prevent the occurrence of fetal materials, which are toxic to the health of the mother.
If these products are not removed, it can cause systemic infection, bleeding, and possible death of the woman. The adverse reactions of the pill can affect the normal physiologic functions of the organs in the pregnant woman’s body. This is caused by an altered hormonal activity in the pregnant woman’s body, which can disrupt the normal condition of the growing fetus.

Other notable clinical manifestations that requires medical interventions are chills, presence of foul-smelling vaginal secretions, and blood clots (bigger than an average size of a lemon). Their only aim is to share their opinion on the concerned topic, and help the reader understand it better.
Induced abortions artificially ends the pregnancy and, depending on how far the pregnancy has advanced, determines the method used. The baby inhales and swallows the solution and dies 1 to 2 hours later from the salt poisoning, dehydration, hemorrhages of internal organs, and convulsions. Used commonly in "pregnancy reduction" abortions--when multiple babies are present and some are killed to give others a better chance of survival, or they are killed because of defects. There are people who care about you and your baby - people who will help in this time of desperate need. This item contains several substances that are considered high-risk to the health and well-being of the developing fetus. The most common type of abortion pill available in the market has high level of pregnancy hormone.
If these bodily secretions are altered then there is a possibility of termination of pregnancy.
Good or bad, Right or wrong is solely readers decision and should be taken under the guidance of a medical expert.
This method is falling out of favor because it is not uncommon for babies to be born alive.
Great care must be used to prevent the womb from being torn and checking body parts to ensure a complete abortion. If you are permanently injured by an abortion you or your family may have sufficient grounds for filing a malpractice suit against the clinic or doctors responsible for the damage.

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