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But for all of that beauty and mushy-gushiness, there is also a very strange, dark, disgusting, horrifying, and occasionally, disturbing side to being pregnant. There are millions of things about pregnancy that aren’t listed in books and that no one ever tells you about.
2.) About one in three mothers give birth by Cesarean section each year - triple the number of women that were having them ten years ago.
7.) For the past two decades, there have been more boy babies born each year in America than girls.
11.) Your blood flow increases so much during pregnancy that it's not uncommon to have nose bleeds and bloody gums on occasion. 12.) Being overweight or being tall can both increase your chances of having a multiple birth. 13.) Your uterus starts at about the size of a small pear at the beginning of your pregnancy and grows to about the size of a medium watermelon. Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting journey where there are so many strange changes happening to your body & unexpected surprises that can pop up.
Here are my top 10 favourite weird and wonderful facts that you might not have known about pregnancy. What was once thought to be an old wives tale has actually been proven to be true by researchers at John Hopkins University. This is because women with high levels of certain hormones can result in heartburn and these very same hormones can play a role in how much hair babies can grow in the womb. While there have been many wacky methods of bringing on labour passed down through generations, there is actually only one which has been scientifically proven to work. The idea behind nipple stimulation is that it tricks your body into thinking you are feeding your baby, releasing the hormone oxytocin, helping kick-start contractions & progress labour.
These teeth are known as natal teeth and may be removed by doctors to ensure no choking occurs, as these teeth are often loose.
Nowadays, science knows almost everything about the processes that occur in women after conception. The gift to bear two or more children is ordained by nature (especially if there were such cases in the mother’s family). In case of vitro fertilization and stimulating ovulation with clomiphene, multiple pregnancies are often. With age, the possibility of conceiving multiple children is increasing, especially if the woman already gave birth to a baby in the past. About GeniuspregnancyGenius Pregnancy is the site for pregnant women, expecting couples and those who are planning to have a baby. She just debuted her new red tresses while performing at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and DAMN girl damn you look good.
I've already known since 2006 that Taylor Swift was a pretty fantastic person, but it is refreshing that she's continued to be a great human even into 2016. Back in April, a fan reached out to Tay Tay about the death of her mother in a touching letter, telling Swift how her brother had wed his wife in the hospital so their mom wouldn't miss out on one of the biggest days of her son's life. The man, Max, and his late mother even danced to "Blank Space" for their mother and son dance before she passed away. Due to a serious health scare, I was out of work for quite a long period of time and often confined to bed. I get being able to voice our opinions, but the women on the show seem to only spit out their opinion not being open to hear the others hosts thoughts and they talk loudly over each other and cut each other off and get loud and BLECH! Comedian Michelle Collins has been cut as a co-host of The View after just joining the show last July. A woman from Georgia has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Ellen humiliated her by mispronouncing her name which is Titi Pierce. The show also included Titia€™s cell phone number in the picture used, which led to her receiving harassing and threatening calls at all hours of the day and night, while she was out of town for a family funeral.
She is claiming that her husband have also faced ridicule in their town, and she even reached out to Ellen to complain. After her complaint, her number was blurred out in a copy of the segment that was posted on the showa€™s website. BUT it was visible again when the show was repeated in April, and Titi received harassing phone calls and more ridicule yet again. The lawsuit claims that DeGeneres and Warner Brothers defamed her, invaded her privacy and intentionally inflicted distress.
Pink's 5 Year Old Daughter Celebrates Birthday With Matt Damon Cake - Weird, Yet Cool, Right?
Pink also revealed that Willow's fifth birthday party would be themed around the science-fiction space flick.

Kristin Cavallari, and Audrina Patridge are all scheduled to reappear in the film although no word has officially been confirmed. To commemorate the shows 10 year anniversary, Conrad will be hosting a MTV special highlighting exclusives details never before seen on the show. The news that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split after 15 months together is just hitting and many of their fans are refusing to believe it. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's imploding marriage is unfortunately making the cover of the latest issue of People magazine. The video is all of my dreams come true rolled up in a good looking Instagram video put to music. She's claiming Depp is abusive, and now his daughter is defending her dad with a brand new post on Instagram. Accusations from her include, that Depp assaulted her after her 30th birthday party, abused her throughout their relationship and has a problem with substance abuse. Not gonna lie, when I heard that Rob Lowe is reportedly in talks to serve as co-host to Kelly Ripa, replacing Michael Strahan on "Live!" I was a bit surprised.
I had seen Fred Savage earlier this week filling in, and he seemed to be going HARD for the gig. Brad Pitt is used to having crowds attack him, but he wasn't having it when a child got caught in the mix. TMZ reports that Heard, 30, decided to legally pull the plug on their relationship on Monday, May 23, just three days after Deppa€™s mother died.
Depp was previously in a long-term, 14-year relationship with actress Vanessa Paradis, but the pair never married.
Amy Schumer has been enjoying some beach time on while on vacation with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch, and rather than being able to bask in the glow of sun, sand and water, she's dealing with mean and evil people who have nothing better to do than be jerks. These mean and evil people are shaming her body and being nasty over her weight, all while sitting safely behind the screen of the internet while not having the guts to ever say any of their nasty words to her face.
I meant to write "good morning trolls!" I hope you find some joy in your lives today in a human interaction and not just in writing unkind things to a stranger you've never met who triggers something in you that makes you feel powerless and alone.
JoJo Fletcher started her journey off by swapping spit with the little brother of NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers.
After Jordan missed his chance in his their one-on-one time, it seemed like the moment was gone.
Oh look, it's a new day, which means people across the country will yet again be offended by something miniscule and take to the internet to voice their disgust.
Blake, 28, who is expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds shared a side-by-side snapshot of herself posing on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Look, I feel at times there isn't enough racial sensitivity in the world, but this is pushing it way too far.
If you are someone who feels you need to comment on every post, story or photo that somehow in someway offends you, you need to realize you are an asshat. Taylor Lautner has joined Instagram and in his first (and only so far) post he's offering up ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's phone number! To kick off his account, he enlisted the help of two of his celebrity pals, Adam Sandler and David Spade.
Your body is changing, shifting, and contorting to accommodate this little helpless creature (two in my case). For instance, did you know that being pregnant can cause you to have perpetual hiccups for months on end?.. Once they do, they continue to develop it well into their 70's.In comparison, women are born with all of the eggs that they'll ever get. What you may not have known is that enhanced smell is a mother's way of avoiding foods that may be harmful to the baby.
From darkened freckles and areolas to full "pregnancy masks" seeing a change in skin tone is very common. Recently, a new mom in England gave birth to a baby boy weighing a whopping 15 pounds 7 ounces. Your Heart Actually Grows It seems that becoming a mother makes your heart grow literally as well as figuratively!
Babies Cry in the WombYour little one actually starts crying long before birth!Studies have shown that babies begin to cry silently in the womb at as early as 28 weeks.Scientists believe that this is a form of practice communication for when babies are born, rather than a reaction to feelings.
It is Possible to Be Pregnant for Over a YearThe longest pregnancy ever recorded was the pregnancy of a woman named Beulah Hunter from Los Angeles. Taller Women are More Likely to Conceive TwinsAccording to a study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, women over 5 feet 5 inches tall are more likely to conceive fraternal twins. The sperm fertilizes the ovule, and from this point on life is developing in the woman’s womb. Moreover, the property of conceiving twins is passed from a generation to generation (from a grandmother to a granddaughter).

The fusion of these cells leads to the developing of an embryo, which is represented by a group of cells at the beginning of life. You will find various articles on parenting, pregnancy, health and childbirth on this site.
I quickly realized that the show makes me want to punch myself in the face it is so annoying to me.
You can put yourself in her shoes and understand why she's so upset, if not over the funny mispronunciation of her name, but the inclusion of her phone number which is leading to harassment. They were both so vocal about their love for each other, and Demi recently was on Ellen saying she'd be thrilled if he asked her to marry her.
It's actually powerful than morphine (which is a strong painkiller to begin with) No word on if Prince had a prescription.
Well, I have a lot problems, but one of the most recent I have is my addiction with watching this fantastic video below that Kate Hudson, 37, shared of her day trip with mom Goldie Hawn, 70, and new friend Amy Schumer, 34, over Memorial Day weekend.
He served as co-host when Regis Philbin left the ABC show back in 2011, and has admitted he is now in a position where he would be able to accept the job. A He looked very upset as he tried to get a crowd to move back and stop pushing so he could save the little girl from getting crushed. The site also reports that Heard cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for her filing.
After feeling an immediate connection with Jordan Rodgers, who also played in the NFL for a few years, JoJo was more than pleased he made the move to kiss her and gave him the first impression rose. In one pic, her tiny baby bump is on display, and in the other, she flaunts her round backside. Lautner eventually turns to Spade, who also turns him downa€”until he receives an offer he can't refuse. This number reflects failed implantations that pass without the mother ever missing a period.
Beulah’s pregnancy was 12 and a half months long, a whopping 3 months longer than the average pregnancy!
This is because taller women have higher levels of a certain protein released from the liver that is linked to increased ovulation. There are a few reasons for this, including the loosening of your ligaments making your feet wider due to dropped arches, pregnancy weight gain and the associated swelling.Not to worry though shoe-lovers, your feet should return to their normal size in no time and you do have the perfect excuse to shop for some new shoes!
No matter what distance separates them, they always feel the sorrows and joys of each other. And suddenly, some completely inexplicable reason makes this group of cells divide into two or more. Taylor being Taylor ended up surprising Max and his new bride Kenya at their wedding on Saturday and even performed a€?Blank Spacea€? at the reception! I don't even know why I watched it more than once, other than I was thinking maybe I'd like it eventually. Then starting in January, Collinsa€™ co-hosting duties shrank to just one or two appearances a week, and ABC executives recently made the decision not to renew her contract. I adore Kate, Goldie and Amy each on their own, and the three of them together is almost too much to take. I didn't think he and Kelly had any chemistry, and I never felt like his heart was ever really in the show.
In the popular beach vacation spot Hilton Head, North Carolina, he posed holding a shark in his bare hands! A If you remember Dustin Diamond (Screech) didn't have the best success after the show ended. Think of it like this: most women have been pregnant at some point in their life, miscarried, and never even knew about it. Yams contains a great amount of hormone-like substances that are even used in the pharmacological industry. I'm good with her character leaving and felt a little bad for not being heartbroken as so many other fans were over the news.
A He went on to do pornography and was recently incarcerated for "stabbing" a man in a bar fight.
Therefore, a high frequency of multiple pregnancies among black women is due to stimulating ovulation with yams. A He claims he had nothing to do with the book and the "stabbing" was really just a scratch.

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