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You’d think that sitting at a desk all day would be the most easy-going job in the world, and while your typical office job may be a lot less active than others, it can take its toll on the body in a different way. Aches, pains and dead sensations in various body parts are very common for most office workers stuck on a chair all day. Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl, Ed Burke, and Jeff Galloway, Illustrated by Jean Anderson: Getting Back in Shape, 3rd Edition, 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness.
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If you’re having trouble remembering to do the exercise, set a reminder in your phone, or go for the good old-fashioned post-it note on the computer screen.
This simple illustration taken from ‘Getting Back in Shape’ depicts some great stretch exercises you can do sitting at the desk. Making sure you take breaks to loosen the muscles will certainly go some way in prevent aches, pains and strains at work.
Who: Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibilityGolf Stretching Exercises - Flexibility Stretches for Golf Performance Enhancement, Pain Reduction and Recovery TimeImprove your flexibility with these stretches!

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