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Even if you don't like the outdoors, you're probably pretty fond of air, clean water and food. A multi-pronged approach is the only way humanity can pull it off, according to Stanford biologists Paul Ehrlich and Robert Pringle. Only through tackling the state of the environment on all fronts and with a variety of approaches will we be able to call a halt to environmental degradation, global climate disruption and the ongoing mass extinction of species, the authors say.
Even as small an action as choosing to eat less beef or pork results in less of a resource drain. Making human-dominated landscapes hospitable to biodiversity through such modest actions as "maintaining living hedges around agricultural plots and preserving remnant trees in pasture" can often buttress the biodiversity in these areas. The authors also recommend other "wedges," such as reclaiming degraded land, reintroducing species to areas where they lived before human activity drove them out or killed them off, and educating people everywhere about the values of biodiversity.
The researchers were optimistic about efforts like the Natural Capital Project, a joint effort of Stanford, the Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund to align financial and conservation incentives and integrate the ecosystem-service values into land-use decisions. As an example of ecosystem services in action, they cited the conservation of the Catskill watershed, which to date has spared the city of New York the $8 billion it would cost to build a water-filtration plant. But Ehrlich and Pringle said there is still a lot of work to be done in changing people's attitudes.
Under business-as-usual, they continue, the loss of species and populations, which supply critical ecosystem services to humanity, will accelerate. To avoid that dismal fate, Ehrlich and Pringle call for an exodus of academicians (including themselves) from the ivory tower. When you’re in a long distance relationship and you hang up the phone, end a video chat session or seal the envelope, you don’t get an immediate opportunity to go back and say something nice you were thinking but forgot to mention because of the right-now frustrations that were swirling in your brain.
Seems obvious, but many couples miss this one, thinking that they’ll “save” Christmas, anniversaries or other special events for when they’re back together.
Of course you’re missing your significant other like crazy, but if you’re not careful, it can drive you insane.
Don’t interfere with the relationships that your significant other keeps with people that are available to them. Sometimes when a loved one is away, especially when he or she is deployed, we feel as if there are conversations we can’t have because it might be too much to handle. When you’re separated from your partner, it’s not the best time to discuss getting married, having a baby, buying a house, moving, or similar life-changing choices. Miyoko HikijiAuthor, “All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq”Army veteran (1995-2004) and soldier at heart for life (I'm aiming for centenarian). Over the past 40 years significant clinical advances have been made in treating heart disease; however, the focus has now switched to preventing ill-health through lifestyle changes, such as stopping smoking, increasing exercise and eating healthy food. Linda Main, lead dietician for HEART UK, the cholesterol charity, says this demand has been driven by various factors, which include new UK and European Union regulations, scientific evidence, and improved public awareness about the importance of nutrition in heart disease.
An early factor driving consumer product changes was the 2003 Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s report on salt and health, which set initial salt reduction targets. Consumer awareness of trans-fat content has also forced many UK manufacturers to reduce the amount of this substance in their food products. In addition, many food manufacturers have signed up to the elimination of trans-fats under the Department of Health’s 2010 Responsibility Deal, which relies on voluntary action by producers and retailers to tackle diet-related ill-health. In line with this, several companies, including Mars, Kellogg’s and McDonald’s, have changed their product recipes.
The UK’s voluntary traffic light food labelling system, rolled out in 2013, has also had a major impact on the reformulation of food products. In July 2014, HEART UK trademarked its Product Approval Scheme logo across the EU as a benchmark for cholesterol-lowering foods available for consumers.
Several products have now received this approval, such as Benecol, a range of spreads, yogurts and mini-drinks fortified with plant stanols.
Brand specialists Thrive Unlimited stress that consumer healthcare marketing should be “accessible, chatty, natural brands that talk to people, rather than those that dictate and shout about their health credentials”.
Research shows that marketing plays a significant role in influencing children’s dietary choices.

The CFC also launched a Junk-Free Checkouts campaign to remove junk food at supermarket tills and queuing aisles. Preserving a substantial amount of biodiversity is critical to a healthy future for us, but how best to do that has been a subject of ongoing debate. While many people have gotten the impression that only government-level action can have a significant impact, many small effective efforts are already under way.
If we fail, we will have a world of dirtier air, scarce or undrinkable water and inadequate supplies of food. The more people who make that choice, the less the environment will be negatively affected.
Even though a particular action might start out small, as more people participate and the size of the effort grows, so does the effect. They note that increasing coverage of biodiversity on the Internet has vast potential for educating and prompting people to take action.
Like any ecosystem, the watershed is only able to function properly (in this case, as a natural filtration system) if most parts of the complex system are present—that is, if the biodiversity of the watershed is largely preserved.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's plan to move 100,000 people into a brand new city being carved out of the forest in the vicinity of a national park, to alleviate overcrowding in Caracas, is a prime example. Noting that "academic ecological papers are often tinseled with one or two sentences about the applied significance of the science, which accomplishes little," they say that researchers have to begin promoting among themselves the importance of outreach work. Technology allows us opportunities to send texts and video in order to keep our significant other involved in our daily triumphs, disappointments and the little things that make up most of our daily lives. Be generous with your time and trust and practice a communication style that is transparent and non-judgemental.
Remind yourself at the beginning of the your communication (or better yet write yourself a little note) of what positive and loving things can be said about your significant other and end the communication with those. Keeping your regular routine will reduce your stress which is better for you and your relationship. Having real, live, in-the-flesh friends is natural and can be helpful in keeping your significant other safe and sane. Time apart is maintenance phase in a relationship--a time to nurture what you already have a grow a little in the process. My gal would really want to come along with me on this trip?” Maybe, but you can do it again when you’re reunited.
Some don’t, but good relationships aren’t about proximity, they’re about choices- things you do and things you don’t. Trans-fats can damage health by increasing the levels of LDL – “bad” cholesterol – and reducing levels of HDL – “good” cholesterol. In January, Britvic also announced it would be axing all full-sugar lines from its Fruit Shoot squash range.
Developed by the Food Standards Agency, this scheme was designed to make it easier for consumers to make healthier choices.
The logo can now be used on packs and in advertising and other promotional materials by food products that pass stringent tests overseen by the HEART UK Product Approval Working Group.
Studies show a daily intake of Benecol lowers cholesterol by 7 to 10 per cent in two to three weeks, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. In 2014, Kellogg’s withdrew cholesterol-lowering cereal Optiva, after eight years on the UK market, following poor retail sales.
The current self-regulatory system for non-broadcast advertising is weak and allows products which are outlawed from children’s television to be marketed to children online.
Studies show that advergames, which are currently unregulated, are even more powerful than traditional advertising. The ASA, for example, has banned some Actimel TV advertising, claiming it was “misleading”, and the European Food Safety Authority required Danone to withdraw health claims about Actimel.
11 in the online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they argue that it is going to require not just governments but everyone to pitch in, on the individual level and in small groups. What is needed, he said, is for these small-scale efforts to be implemented more broadly and scaled up dramatically.

And just as many hands make work lighter, many wedges combine to have a significant effect of keeping down the rates of species extinction and destruction of habitats, thereby preserving biodiversity.
Funding agencies that require applicants to explain the "broader impacts" of their research need to push for researchers to communicate those societal benefits of the work to society. Your significant other needs to feel that even though you’re not physically there, your schedule is open and you are emotionally available to listen and care. Praise him or her for accomplishing a task and for a way that he or she makes you feel loved and cared for. Sure you may not be able to share a piece of cake, open up a present or a bottle of wine or whatever you do to mark that milestone, but it’s sharing the day, not what you do to share it that matters. If you’ve always worked out on Mon, Wed and Fri, keep that up even if you think you’d rather stay home and pine away.
This is especially difficult for military spouses because, under the circumstances, relationships with battle buddies of both genders can be intense. Unless it’s not possible to delay, save talking about these issues for a time shortly after you’re back together. But there should be zero (or next to zilch anyway) guilt here when it comes to doing something for yourself and having a bit of fun when the opportunity arises. These are a few common sense ideas that when put to use can improve the quality of your relationship when you’re apart and increase the chances of your relationship succeeding when you reunite. This is mainly due to manufacturers reformulating the salt content in a wide range of products. The system uses red, amber and green signals on the front of packages to show whether a product is high, medium or low in fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt. However, earlier this year Lidl became the first UK supermarket group to comply with this request.
Never before in the history of warfare have deployed soldiers had this much access to direct communication via the Internet. That’s that part of yourself you want him or her to carry around until your next correspondence, not the details of your bad day. If your partner is deployed overseas, for example, send him or her another sweet treat or a voice recording or handmade note. If it’s possible, schedule your communication times, just like date nights, so that the rest of the week you’re not waiting by the phone. If your relationship is solid, or even if it isn't, worrying, judging or criticizing will not likely improve your relationship.
It’s always ok to dream and it may relieve stress to share your future hopes, but be clear that it’s just that--dreaming--so that neither of you worry unnecessarily over choices that can be made later. According to Britvic, the company has made these decisions after “listening and responding to parents’ needs, and implementing our own plans to support voluntary initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyles”. But even for those soldiers that don't have this available, there's still the old fashioned letter. Routine always seems to help the time pass by more quickly, making it more bearable, albeit one day or week at a time, until reunion day. So aim to be truthful and ask your significant other as you discuss a problem how much he or she wants to know, then honor that. Only 10 years ago, when I was deployed we did not have reliable Internet access available, so letter writing provided both the outlet for my thoughts as a soldier and a reader as my audience to listen.
In a caring relationship, you should take joy in each other’s happiness, which each is deserving to have absent the other. But if you do, it too will become a milestone memory, to be cherished among all the other special days of the year.

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