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That is PRECISELY what all 3 of the Equates looked like for me when I WASN'T pregnant, too! All of the blue dye I have used have never been solid, they were always solid on one part and then shadowish on the other. Magan for 11 yrs(11-18-00), SAHM to three girls(Cheyenne, Dakota and Marissa) Enjoying being a non co sleeping, baby wearing, Vaccinating, mama! However, That's more reason to not use Blue dye if the control line isn't even solid, that should render the test invalid. A blue line in the Control Window and a blue line in the Result Window indicates a positive result.

A blue line in the Control Window and no line in the Result Window indicates a negative result.
I have the Mirena IUD, but get spooked time to time since AF hasn't made an appearance in quite some time. ETA: The insert also says to consult a health care professional if you get a positive result, get an inconclusive test result, or if you get a negative test but 'feel' pregnant. My husband and I have been ttc naturally for 4 years, and I KNEW better than to pick the blue dye. I'm saying that the company will tell someone who calls that only a doctor can 100% tell you yes or no.

I bought these by accident and ended up having to go to $ tree to get a pink dye test after I took the one I posted.
Some people would misinterpret that as a positive (which is what the company would say, I garauntee it) but in the directions, it should say something about missing parts of the line being inconclusive.

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