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I like to think of cervix dilation like opening the door to the womb to allow baby to come out. These tips will help you learn about the art of cervix checking, and learn more about your body in a whole.
This event will happen at different times for different women, therefore, it is not a reliable method of pregnancy testing. Don’t over do it, as cervix checking during pregnancy has a potential to introduce bacteria into your body and cause infection. Normally, your cervix is closed and hard, protecting your uterus from the outside environment.In order for your baby to pass through, your cervix must dilate and thin out completely. On the flip side, you could have a completely closed cervix and go into labor the same day. You can see in the diagram at the top of this page that on the left the cervix is long and progressively thins and diminishes over time.

Are you trying to conceive, or are you trying to check yourself for dilation in late pregnancy? Sitting on the toilet, squatting or standing with one leg on the edge of the bathtub are all very good positions to be in for cervix checking.
An ovulatory cervix is slightly open to allow fertile mucus to pass through and allow sperm to travel upstream for potential fertilization. After ovulation the cervix closes, lowers down, and becomes firm like the tip of a nose again.
During menstruation the cervix is low, hard and slightly open to allow the menstrual flow to pass through. If pregnancy is achieved the cervix will rise up again and become soft, yet will remain closed for the duration of your pregnancy.
Also, if the bag of waters is low and bulging you could potentially cause your water to break prematurely, therefore, it is important for you to wait until term to check your cervix.

Every labor is different.I can't tell you how many times I hear stories about women who get a vaginal exam and end up discouraged that they aren't dilated. Or, even worse, they are dilated and get their hopes up about going into labor, only to be pregnant a few more days.
If you know your body well and plan on doing this, be sure to follow the steps above and be very sure your hands are very clean. If you do decide to get a vaginal exam to find out, try not to put too much faith in the results either way :) You can check out more accurate early labor signs here that will give you a better idea that labor is imminent.

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