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When I first found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a weekly newsletter by TheBabyCenter, which sent a weekly update what to expect week by week and the size of my baby (which is due any day now).
While there are some spa activities that are a definite no-no, I highly recommend pregnancy massages and I did get my hair highlighted and eyebrows done in the past week before everything changes. If you live in Zurich, check out LABO Spa here and they have a new location opening in Locarno. She offered only a couple selections as some essential oils like lavender or jasmine can induce labor.

LABO had the Infinite Shine collection by OPI which is described as drying quickly and giving off a shiny, thick vibe similar to gel, but this can be removed at home. A San Francisco fashion columnist, sour candy addict, founder of Savvy Spice and married living in Switzerland. I know you felt really good These are great practices everyone should do (pregnant or not).
After getting married and living in Switzerland 3 years with my husband we just moved to Dallas, Texas!

I launched the world's 1st line of unisex satin pillow cases for anti-aging, plus healthier hair & skin called Savvy Sleepers.
The therapist was SUPER gentle massaging my back and feet at certain pressure points, which can cause early labor.

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