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Pregnancy is a complicated stage for a woman because of many physical changes and mental complications. Vitamin A and D are healthy nutrients but their excessive use is not good for a pregnant woman. Milk is very healthy liquid for both baby and the mother; it is recommended that a pregnant woman should drink 1 to 2 glass of the milk daily.
Drink plenty of water; if one cannot drink 6 – 8 glass of water daily then drink juices to meet the body requirement. Majority of the women like coffee and tea, but you should keep in mind that more than a cup of tea or coffee daily is dangerous for the hearing sense of baby.
Make green vegetables an essential part of the diet to get the sufficient amount of calcium and folic acid. A pregnant woman needs more iron than the normal routine because baby also needs iron and other nutrients to grow.
During pregnancy, most of the women use to feel vomit and do not eat properly, which is not good.

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During Pregnancy, Pro-Eating per food intake is very important therefore is a touchy issue for a woman. Because of the excessive intake of vitamin A and D, baby gains extra weight that creates difficulty in the delivery of the baby. Women should eat fresh fruits to be healthy but the foods like fish, dry fruits, eggs and meat should be used in a limited amount. Supplements that are prescribed by the doctor should be used according to the doctor advice.

Baby gets all these nutrients from the body of mother so that a woman should eat vegetables that are good source of iron such as spinach, strawberries etc. There are certain juices that contain iron and the iron in juices is easy to absorb by the body.
Should be decided carefully as it has a direct impact on the health of the mother as well as the baby. Other minerals are zinc and calcium that are required by the baby for development (embryo).

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