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As we all know, at least 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with PCOS and everyday more and more women are added to our numbers.
I’ve mentioned this in a number of previous articles and this is the foundation of this blog and my own management of PCOS.
I am one of thousands of women with PCOS who have fallen pregnant naturally and I have two beautiful children.
Doctors are unsure of how PCOS develops or why we have it although scientists have recently identidies the genee thought to cause PCOS.
Basically, there is something fundamentally broken in our bodies and this is not going to go away. PCOS tends to strike the core of who we are as women and can make us feel much less than we are. We are so courageous, facing this condition day in and day out, with perseverance and determination, not letting it get in our way. We are strong, fighting our bodies and our cravings, determined not to give in but sticking to our plan so that we reach our goals (whether it be to improve our skin, lose weight or have a baby). We are so loving and supportive, reaching out to each other, feeling each other’s pain and encouraging each other to keep moving forward.
If you feel that your doctor isn’t listening to you or hearing you; if you feel that you’re not getting the help that you need, you should ask for a second opinion or a referral to a doctor who specializes in PCOS.
Treating PCOS (either through diet and lifestyle or medication) takes time and is an exercise in patience. By Tamara Hill, MS, NCC, LPC-BE ~ 7 min read Last week we discussed the worst things to ever say to someone with a mental illness. By Julia May Being on the frontline of trauma can have terrible consequences for some emergency service workers. Getting a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease to stop driving is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever have to accomplish. While it’s true that better technology and improved prenatal care and education are contributing to these differences, there’s more to it than that.

Medical researchers have noticed that the average body mass of a woman prior to pregnancy has gone up in the last 50 years, from a BMI of 23 to a BMI of 24.9.
A study published last May suggested that pregnant women who watch their caloric intake are more likely to have healthier babies, and less likely to have pre-eclampsia, a condition that may lead to gestational diabetes, premature birth, and for the mother, high blood pressure or hypertension. It is important to note the changes in pregnancy and labor over the years among women, and apply it to medical education procedures.
For so many of us, we get the diagnosis and are then left to our own devices, with very little information and support. The symptoms are embarrassing and not something we tend to speak about so it’s hard to find other women with the same diagnosis. There are hundreds of thousands of women with PCOS and so many of us know what you are going through. There are many thousands more who may have needed help in the form of fertility treatment but they have also fallen pregnant. PCOS seems to be caused by our insulin releasing cells over responding to carbohydrates and releasing too much insulin. There is very little that is attractive about PCOS: hair growing in places you don’t want it, that extra tyre around your belly, skin of a teenager.
You are in charge of your health and you need to make sure that you are getting the right support to manage it in the long term. Diabetes, thyroid problems, depression and anxiety and cardiovascular disease are often associated with PCOS.
Have you come to hate talking on the telephone since you’ve had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome?
For one thing, women have changed anatomically over the last century, and that translated into pregnancy and labor being a little different than it was back in the day. As women are spending more hours in labor than they had been previously, there are also certain risks tied to a prolonged labor process, such as more pain.
Since weight seems to be a bigger issue in women’s health during pregnancy, medical professionals should be better trained and encouraged to discuss weight, diet, and exercise with pregnant women and women trying to conceive. I asked the women on the PCOS Diet Support Facebook page what they think every woman with PCOS needs to know.

So, if you have just been diagnosed, take heart that you are not alone and why not check out the PCOS Diet Support Facebook page to connect with women who know what you’re going through. I have also heard of many women being told that they will not be able to have children when they are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
So, the bottom line is that just because you have been diagnosed with PCOS, does not mean that you will be unable to fall pregnant. This excess insulin acts on our ovaries (and adrenal glands), causing them to produce too much testosterone. I was only offered treatment if I wanted to fall pregnant otherwise I was largely brushed off. If you feel that your symptoms are not getting better in spite of following a PCOS diet and regular exercise, you could have other medical problems that also need to be addressed. As the body weight of a pre-pregnant woman has gone up, so too has the body mass of a pregnant woman, and these anatomical changes may be contributing to the longer hours in labor1. In medical universities, a higher emphasis should be placed than previously in performing Cesarean section births. Another benefit of Cesarean sections is that in most cases, women can schedule when to have their births via this method.
And of course, more medical research should be conducted on these obstetrical topics, including characteristics and pain management for women who face labor for longer hours. With busier lifestyles, the ability to have scheduled, planned births offer convenience to the modern mother, and this may be part of the reason why Cesarean sections are becoming more common in America2. As women’s health and anatomy continue to change, medical education to prepare practitioners for labor and delivery ought to change as well.

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