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See, Glee, you’re being backed in a plot corner here because you hired a full-blown adult to play a child. According to reports, Heather’s pregnancy is “totally unexpected.” Well, that seems like a stretch. This is Heather trying to do you a solid by incorporating teen life principles into her real life.
Here’s a question, Universe. Why is it that 26-year-old girls are the only ones allowed to work in Hollywood? For instance, let’s cast them in a show about mid-twenties working girls who are figuring out what it means to be adult.
Almost all shows about high school (certainly ones where the students are the core cast) hire actors over the age of 18 to play student roles.

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Well, thanks for trying to do the network’s job, Heather, but we don’t buy that whole, “I don’t know how I got pregnant” thing.
Being a 26 year-old-girl is the Hollywood casting equivalent of having  an O-Positive blood type in the blood donation world. Nor should we have to because you’re a grown woman and you are free to grow babies in your belly. Maybe they just got their first promotion, can finally afford some throw pillows from West Elm, have decided that the curling iron isn’t the most efficient use of their time in the morning. Let’s cast Heather and her counterparts in roles that are actually suited to women their age.

They (like Heather) are in steady, fulfilling relationships with boys who have some art on the walls alongside their Animal House posters. She should graduate in six to fourteen years and keep us entertained dancing the entire time.

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