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There are several fertility assistance options available to couples who have been unable to have a baby for one reason or another. Part of determining if surrogacy is a viable option for having children is considering the cost of the process. Couples that have difficulty conceiving or maintaining pregnancies often turn to surrogates for assistance with childbearing goals. At the end of the gestational period, the woman gives birth and then hands the child over to the individual or couple that hired her.

Here is a guide to surrogacy costs to help couples factor this aspect into their decision making. Even couples that are otherwise able to conceive naturally are taking advantage of the benefits of surrogacy. Medical screening :Both recipient , donor and their partners needs detailed screening with Medical history, family history , examination, Blood tests, urine tests andScanning 2. Priming:Recipient is given medicines , for her uterus to prepare the lining to accept the embryo.

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