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Conception: From Egg to EmbryoTake a journey with us from the moment a single sperm fertilizes an egg. If the couple had a child early in the story, perhaps resulting in a Shotgun Wedding, this may result in a younger brother or sister. Might involve a Screaming Birth, but this is, of course, optional; the baby itself is what makes this trope run, so the cuter the better. Subverted in Ayashi no Ceres, where Aya learns about being pregnant in volume 12 and is in her last month of pregnancy at the end of the series. A side-story in another one of Yuu Watase's works showed on the last page, that Aya gave birth to a daughter. The Ending of Bannertail: The Adventure of Gray Squirrel, wherein Banner and Sue have lots of adorable squirrel babies in the final episode. In Berserk, Griffith, during his Despair Event Horizon, has a vision of he and Casca sharing a quiet life as a couple with a child that is presumably his. Furthermore, in the manga continuity, this trope is cruelly subverted in the case of Guts and Casca, as Casca was indeed pregnant with Guts' child at the time, but after Griffith crosses the Moral Event Horizon, absolutely nothing ends well for Casca, Guts, or their unborn child. The last three pages of Boys Empire are a cavalcade of babies, the paternity of some of which is unclear. At the end of Dragon Ball Z there is Gohan and Videl with their daughter Pan, and Bulma and Vegeta with their second child, Bra.
During the last arc, Krillin and 18 have a daughter named Marron, showing they got a happy ending. And in one Non-Serial Movie, it shows that Goku and Vegita's lines are still around (and completely identical to their ancestors some seven generations later. The Electric Tale of Pikachu, a manga adaption of Ash's Kanto journey, shows James and Jessie engaged and Jessie pregnant at the end. The end of Fruits Basket has Tohru and Kyo's granddaughter looking for them in all their senior lovey-dovey glory. Among the ending scenes in Future Diary is one with World 2 Minene living a peaceful life with World 3 Nishijima, and having two young children. In the Distant Finale of Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu, Shizuka is, as always, pulling the massive lever that powers on the firing mechanism of the Daiku Maryu's head, but this time she's doing it while breastfeeding a little baby. The final chapter of GE - Good Ending, true to the manga's namesake, Utsumi and Yuki had a baby boy.
In the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Hachiyou Shou TV series, towards the end Inori's sister Seri is all but outright stated to be pregnant with Iktidaru's child; the series' epilogue (before it goes for the Multiple Endings) shows Sefuru holding their baby.
The first season finale of I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying ends with Kaoru getting an Unexpected Positive. In the manga ending of Karin, Karin Maaka and Kenta Usui have a daughter named Kanon, who is actually the reincarnation of Sophia Pistis. The final chapter of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple shows a picture of Kenichi and Miu's daughter.
The final chapter of Kore Wa Koi No Hanashi reveals the girl who woke up Shinichi in his sleep to be his daughter. In Kurogane Communication, Haruka and Kitano return to earth with their daughter — who looks a lot like Haruka herself. The last time we see Amy on-screen (not counting the movies) is in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. In the final chapter of Nejimaki Kagyu, Negizawa and Kagyu had a son who just transfered to a school. RahXephon: in the new reality resulting from the world's retuning, Ayato and Haruka are Happily Married, with Quon reincarnated as their baby daughter.

Nakaba was shown pregnant in the ending of Reimei No Arcana in the final chapter when she and Caesar were together.
In the end of Sand Chronicles's last chapter (of the main story) in Volume 8, Daigo and Ann are shown with their baby boy. In the last page of the final chapter 49 of Sekainohate De Aimashou, its revealed that the heroine Yona Ryouma gave birth to Emillio's son. The Grand Finale of Soul Eater reveals that Stein and Marie are an Official Couple and Marie is pregnant. In Tenchi Muyo!, because it's All There in the Manual, Tenchi will wind up having multiple children by multiple girls of his harem. In The Tibetan Dog, the titular Heroic Dog dies at the end, but his legacy lives on with his revealed offspring.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Maybe the marriage happened earlier in the season; perhaps the couple was already betrothed but weren't able to consummate the union. Generally a whole brood, as a mundane equivalent to Fertile Feet, or demonstrating that Mordor has No Ontological Inertia. Her Heart Will Go On may entail the discovery that she is pregnant after the father is dead: he's gone, but he's left her Someone to Remember Him By. And Toya, who had stated that due to having given up the Mana that he was made of he was slowly dying and might have a year or few more left, is still alive.
There are several speculations as to the nature of this scene, whether it's a hallucination depicting Griffith's possible unrequited feelings for Casca and living a simple life with her, or if it is a hallucination of the sort of life that Griffith doesn't want, since his grandeur dream of becoming king of his own empire is seemingly at its end and he never wanted to settle for a "normal" life to begin with.
Azmaria has a grandchild shown in the Distant Finale, and considering his resemblance to Joshua and the fact that they're shown with their hands clasped with a ring on Az's finger, they likely married and had at least one child together. It shows a few couples (Yamato and Sora and Ken and Miyako) that got together and ones that didn't, much to the disappointment of some fans. Initially there's not much to her, but the latest series is moving her away from this a little. Given that Sakon is also carrying a baby on his back, the two hooked up in the end, surprising precisely nobody.
In the Distant Finale set 3 years after the last manga chapter, Tomy and Po have gotten married and had nineteen kids. To make it even happier ever after, the babies in question are the reincarnations of the angels Access Time and Fin Fish, reborn as Shinji and Natsuki. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS reveals that she has been married with Chrono and she gave birth to fraternal twins during the Time Skip. Ringo Oginome believes that carrying and giving birth to Tabuki-sensei's child will be the corollary to her dreams of getting her broken family back together; however, the lengths she will reach to be impregnated by him are NOT portrayed as okay, but as a sign of how unstable and desperate the girl is. The title character (Nadia, married to Jean), the narrator (Samson of the Terrible Trio, married to a much younger lady, the now grown-up Marie), and the most "complex" character (Electra). 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, we see Naruto and Hinata's children, Sasuke and Sakura's daughter, and the children of Sai and Ino, Shikamaru and Temari, and Chouji and Karui. The tomcat teacher who is so desperate to marry is shown as a normal cat now, walking with a white cat and a line of kittens following them.
Well, Chibi-Usa is the Kid from the Future; and in the last pages of the manga, which show Usagi and Mamoru's wedding, Usagi is implied to be pregnant with Chibi-Usa. Whats interesting about this is that the heroine is formerly a man who went through Gender bending at the beginning of the story. Although it raise a big fuss in their family; at least, it's settled down at the last chapter.

Earlier in the film, D and Leila discuss their fears of Dying Alone, and agree to visit each other's graves. OvulationOvulation happens each month when one of a woman's two ovaries releases a mature egg. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. The likelihood of this increases exponentially every time one or both people say they don't want to have a kid, or express reluctance to.
Also, some fans go so far as to speculate that the scene is a What Could Have Been-esque vision of Griffith's life after Guts' second impending departure from the Hawks which would heavily imply that the child that Griffith and Casca are raising is Casca's son by Guts, not Griffith's.
To avoid incest (the two were a couple), Shinji is the son of Miyako, not Marron and Chiaki. However, the baby's father left her after only three months, so it's not exactly a perfectly happy outcome. Hanson, the other half of the team, has kids but we don't see them (or his wife for that matter). About halfway through the main series, it is revealed that the omake took place in the future of the main story and that Levin is the future son of Haru and Elie. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
Needless to say, this vision is not followed by anything happy, especially since it was induced after Griffith witnessed Guts and Casca expressing their feelings for one another. Hana was conceived because during the series, it was a real possibility that Yoh could die, so the couple decided to have Their First Time. Moving Into the Fallopian TubeAfter the egg is released from the ovary, it travels into the fallopian tube.
And expect the newborns to be named after dead friends or teammates who had made Heroic Sacrifices during the course of the story, clearing the path for the heroes' victory at the cost of their own lives. UFO Baby) ends with an episode showing Miyu and Kanata, the protagonists, Happily Married and with a cute little baby of their own (only a normal human one, though). The Sperm's Long JourneyA man may ejaculate 40 million to150 million sperm, which start swimming upstream toward the fallopian tubes on their mission to fertilize an egg. Only a few hundred will even come close to the egg, because of the many natural barriers that exist in a woman's body.
When the sperm penetrates the egg, the surface of the egg changes so that no other sperm can enter. At the moment of fertilization, the baby's genetic makeup is complete, including whether it's a boy or girl. ImplantationAfter it gets to the uterus, the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, or endometrium.
Pregnancy HormonesWithin about a week of conception, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) can be found in the mother's blood.
But it usually takes three to four weeks for levels of hCG to be high enough to be detected by home pregnancy tests. Baby's DevelopmentAfter the egg attaches to the uterus, some cells become the placenta while others become the embryo. At the eighth week the developing baby, now called a fetus, is well over a half-inch long -- and growing.

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