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It had taken the couple seven years to conceive Willow after having their first daughter, Levi, in 2002.But Miss Brooksa€™s waters broke just 20 weeks into the pregnancy.
Unsure if their daughter would live, the couple, from Salford, chose to call her Willow as she was so slender.a€?To our amazement, she came through the next 24 hours, then the next,a€™ said Miss Brooks.
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You are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, which is no longer fully supported on this site. Your baby's arms, legs and body continue to fill out – and they are finally proportional in size to his head.

This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Three weeks later, she developed a life-threatening infection and doctors made the decision to induce the babya€™s birth a€“ despite the fact that only one in five babies born at 23 weeks survive.a€?To everyonea€™s shock, the baby, a little girl, was breathing. The third trimester typically starts this week and lasts until the end of week 38 and sometimes even beyond.
Your baby's growth in terms of her length will soon slow down, but she will continue to gain weight until she's born.
Although his lungs won't be fully developed until just before birth, your little one is inhaling amniotic fluid to exercise his lungs.

If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional. After six months in hospital and several operations, she was allowed to go home in June, weighing 5lb. In boys, testicles have descended from near the kidneys through the groin en route to the scrotum.

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