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This is the 4th cycle of IUI and the 5th cycle clomid and the only one with more than one follicle, I had 3 large follies this time, every other cycle we only ever had one. But for you cycle stalkers and symptom analyzers, I did NOT think I was pregnant for any reason. I had cramps which felt just like AF cramps and my CM was getting pinkish just like before AF (apparently this was due to implantation).

I also had a trigger this month so when I got the light BFP on the hpt on day 12 I just assumed it was still the trigger. I had my beta that day and it was 12, the doc thought that I had a pregnancy that started but was not going to proceed.
We were all shocked when HCG double to 24 the next day and two days after that jumped to 79!

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