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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Many couples nowadays prefer to concentrate on their career and then start their families when they are slightly older.
Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant – 3 Tips to Improve FertilityIntroduction• Many couples nowadays prefer to concentrate on their career and then start their families when they are slightly older. Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant – 3 Tips to Improve FertilityTip 1 - Accurately detect your ovulation (Most Fertile Period)• There are many ways to detect your ovulation . Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant – 3 Tips to Improve FertilityTip 2 – Stop Smoking• It is known for many years that smoking detrimental to the body and lowers fertility .
Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant – 3 Tips to Improve FertilityTip 3 – Learn to Relax• In our modern society, people have to juggle a balance between work and their family .
Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant – 3 Tips to Improve FertilityConclusion• Following these tips should help improve your fertility and i hope you have learn something . Thank You !• If you’re interested on learning the secrets to get pregnant quickly, all without drugs and surgery, then Pregnancy Miracle is for you ! Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Firstly, you can detect your ovulation by figuring out when your next period is due and count back approximately 12-16 days .• These 4 days would be your most fertile period . Research has shown that female smokers have lower fertility compared to non smokers and it took much longer to conceive because the nicotine in ciggarettes affect hormonal production necessary for pregnancy .• Smoking also causes early menopause for women and women above the age of 40 should pay special attention to this factor if they wish to conceive at an older age .

People often find themselves too stressed out due to their work load to even have time to take 15 minutes off for a break .
Of course, when and how often you are having sex is a factor, but certain strange things that you never would have thought about can also boost fertility. RaspberriesMen over 44 should be taking in vitamin C, since a study found that those who did had 20 percent less damage to their sperm.
Fellas, Get The Laptop Off Your LapIt's very important for a man to avoid high temperatures around the groin if he wants to have kids.
YogaYou should avoid any kind of stress when you are trying to get pregnant — which includes the kind from intense exercise.
Oily FishStudies have shown that omega-3s found in oily fish can reduce risk of miscarriage and improve sperm quality. AcupunctureThe prickly procedure has been used to treat certain fertility problems thanks to the potential improvement in ovarian and follicular function, according to American Pregnancy Association. This is one of the most common reasons for unexplained infertility.• Doctors have more and more patients with unexplained infertility and the prime suspect is stress .
According to new research, melatonin, the hormone which protects women's eggs from stress, is produced during lights-out time.
It's also found that women who take in a lot of vitamin C after conception can decrease their risk of miscarriage.
That means avoiding hot tubs, but it also means avoiding laptops, since having your laptop on your lap could risk sperm being overheated, according to a study.

If you're the type who loves fitness, then you should opt for yoga over a more intense routine. Most of the times, before a couple manages to conceive a baby, they would have to try for months or even years before succeding . Stress and fertility rates are directly linked and doctors have said that sometimes due to stress, even the most successful pregnancy treatment around fails .• Thus if you want to increase chances of getting pregnant, learn to relax .
It is recommended that you spend eight hours in darkness if you are trying to get pregnant. Raspberries are a great source of this vitamin, since one cup contains 54 percent of your daily dose. Thus i have decided to help all of yor guys out there by presenting some tips and factors which affect fertility and increase chances of getting pregnant .
Secondly, you can detect your ovulation by using measuring your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) . You can chat on the phone with friends, interact with your family members, or even going for a jog . You might not be able to detect thge change in temperature normally.• You would need the help of a BBT thermometer .

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