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If you've spent a large part of your ovulating years on birth control (you're not alone), the prospect of getting pregnant might be the first time you've ever really thought about your cycle. To get us up to speed, we turned to Katinka Locascio, women's health expert and founder of Earth + Sky Healing Arts in NYC. Now pregnant with her second child, Katinka recently invited us into her Long Island City studio for a primer Fertilty Awareness Method and shared a 3-step plan to get us started on the FAM path.
To practice FAM, a woman takes her temperature before getting out of bed every morning, and takes note of her cervical fluid changes a few times a day. Many women don't actually ovulate on day 14, or have regular cycles, so being able to time sex correctly makes a big difference. When a woman comes to me who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for several months, her chart can helps us determine what imbalances might be going on so she knows what to work on. We’re America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care & we think we look pretty good for nearly 100 years old. Yes, there are some telltale signs of ovulation, the point in the menstrual cycle when an egg is released, and fertility awareness-based methods (FAMs) prevent pregnancy by helping you figure out the days of your cycle when you’re most likely to get pregnant.
It not the "rhythm method." Its not assuming you ovulate on day 14, or have a regular cycle. She records this info on her chart (either a paper chart or more commonly a fertility charting app). If you are ovulating, your temperature is lower in the first half of your cycle and your cervical fluid increases.

And women who have charted their cycles over many years can often spot and correct subtle shifts in their fertility well before they become a problem.
Irregular sleep patterns can make it difficult to chart waking temperatures accurately, and postpartum hormones will affect cervical fluid, especially when breastfeeding.Women who do want to start at that time really should seek the guidance of a certified FAM teacher to help learn the method. Kindara is my favorite charting app by far, and it has a great online resources to help you learn how to chart, you can even reach an expert through the app when questions come up.
Then find a teacher or someone to discuss your charts with so you know you understand them before deciding if its right for you as birth control. In this case, ignorance is not bliss -- when it comes to your fertilty, the more you know about your body, the better. FAM is a way for a woman to know each day whether she's potentially fertile by observing two basic fertility signals: basal body temperature and cervical fluid.
Right before ovulation, there's often a dip in the temperature and a peak in fertile cervical fluid (think eggwhites) that let you know when it's best to plan sex.
Then get a basal body thermometer (you can order WINK which syncs with your phone through Kindara or a regular basal body thermometer on amazon).
If you are breastfeeding, coming off the pill, have just been pregnant, or are approaching menopause it may take some time for you to be able to chart accurately enough to use the method as birth control, but you can learn a lot about your body in the process and that alone is worth the effort! She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood. And what’s the best way of keeping track of your cycle so you can avoid sex during ovulation?

But they definitely take some work, require you to avoid unprotected vaginal intercourse for over a third of each month, and they aren’t the most effective birth control option.
Understanding your cycle can be a powerful step towards getting pregnant -- or ensuring you don't. The biggest efficacy risk is the commitment it takes to act in accordance with information your chart gives you. If you have regular cycles, never shorter than 26 days and never longer than 32 days, you can track your safe days using Cycle Beads, a smartphone app, or a calendar. If the temperatures don't, this could mean there's a problem with progesterone or with ovulation.
One of the benefits of FAM is that many women find it puts them in touch with their libido, but as nature would have it, you want to have sex most when you are most fertile.
Charting your body temperature or the changes in your cervical mucus also help you identify safe days.
So if you want to avoid getting pregnant, you have to be 100% committed to using another form of birth control during that time, or avoiding intercourse and getting creative.
Still for many women, avoiding side effects of other forms of birth control or gaining an understanding of their hormonal health is worth the extra effort and attention it takes to practice FAM effectively.

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