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Ovulation occurs when your ovary releases an egg that travels to the fallopian tube and waits to be fertilized by a sperm. While the egg only lives up to a day after it enters the fallopian tube, sperm can live longer. With a 38-day cycle, your fertile window would begin on cycle day 19, continue through ovulation on cycle day 24 and extend into cycle day 25.
Knowing when you ovulate and having sex around ovulation time increases your chances of conception.
Cervical fluid: As ovulation approaches, your cervical fluid may increase in quantity, resulting in discharge that resembles the consistency of an egg white.
Spotting: Some women may notice a slight amount of spotting or blood-tinged discharge during ovulation.
Cramping: Abdominal cramps, similar to menstrual cramps, can occur during ovulation as well.
Predicting ovulation begins by tracking each period on a calendar and identifying the day you expect to ovulate based on your 38-day cycle length. Basal body temperature charting: Taking your basal body temperature every morning and recording it on a chart indicates the shifts in your body temperature during your cycle.
There are many gentle exercises and stretching exercises that you can perform during pregnancy but for the women who are regular with their exercise schedule are confronted by the question during pregnancy i.e.

Start by putting your forearms on the ground exactly below your shoulders and rise on your toes so that your body is in a long flat line.
These ab workouts while pregnant will help you get back in shape sooner after delivery and also help you to be healthy throughout your pregnancy time.If you overdo these ab exercises while pregnant it could be dangerous as this can have harmful effect on you as well as your baby. To boost your chances of getting pregnant, you should have sex at least every other day beginning on cycle day 19 through cycle day 25.
Typically, your temperature drops on the day of ovulation and then increases after ovulation. Now bend forward slowly and proceed with the crunch as if you were lying on the ground during a normal ab workout.This id very healthy to include in your daily exercise routine. Do not push too hard otherwise it may cause cramps or ligaments to tear leading to problems for you as well as your baby. Now, lift your feet off the ground to have them at 90 degrees and slowly push one leg away and bring it back.
Push both your legs to a 90 degree position and slowly lift them up and land them back with control. As you crunch forward lift your right knee toward your chest and twist so that your left elbow comes to the right knee.Return to the original position and repeat by using alternative knee and elbow. So do not push yourself too hard instead,do it with ease to make sure that you as well as your baby is safe.

Understanding when you ovulate and looking for signs of ovulation can increase your chances of getting pregnant during your long cycle. As a result, the fertile window includes the week of ovulation: the five days prior to ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. Charting your basal body temperature can identify your ovulation day after it has occurred, which can help you discover a pattern of when you typically ovulate. A positive result on one of these kits indicates that this hormone is surging, meaning ovulation should occur within 12 to 36 hours. As a matter of factyou might also wonder if there any exercises for a speedy recovery of your abdominal shape post pregnancy.Well it turns out, the ab exercises are in favor. As you pull your knees and elbows to touch, engage your abs to have a healthy body during your pregnancy. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that couples have sex at least every other day during this one-week fertile window to maximize chances of conception. These pregnancy ab workouts will help you get through pregnancy smoothly by keeping you healthy and also keeps your abdominal muscles fit.Abdominal exercises during pregnancy are definitely a plus!

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