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Many women become pregnant because they do not use contraceptives properly, a study suggests. One in three pregnancies is unplanned, the study found Many women become pregnant because they do not use contraceptives properly, a study suggests. TWO-thirds of pregnancies occur in women using contraception, French researchers have claimed. Hundreds of women in Britain have complained to the medical regulator after becoming pregnant despite using a contraceptive implant that is supposed to work for years. But of these, two out of three occur when couples are using contraceptives, such as the Pill or condoms.

Diaz said that the rhythm method is what the Catholic Church advocates (page A5, col.
The Catholic Church does not advocate any method per se, but rather considers as morally acceptable those methods of regulating birth (when there are serious and legitimate reasons) that DO NOT offend God nor degrade human dignity. These methods, commonly known as NFP (Natural Family Planning) are easy to learn and use, but they do not promote promiscuity and marital infidelity such as condoms, nor are they abortifacient and hazardous to the wife's health as in the case of pills, IUDs, etc.
There are now more of these NFP methods such as the Billings Ovulation Method, the Temperature method, etc.
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