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When my period was late, I was sure that I was about to have a miserable period, even though I was staring, in disbelief at the little pink line that confirmed my anxiousness.
My doctor’s answer surprised me, and it was something that I wished someone had told me before.
In addition to cramping in the abdominal area, many women experience lower back pains, and cramping and shooting pains in the vagina or vulva as the reproductive organs begin transforming and changing. Because the ovaries are stimulated by new hormones, this can cause even more cramping to occur, which mimic premenstrual feelings. Obviously, if you experience cramping that is debilitating or accompanied by heavy bleeding, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. For routine stretching of muscles and hormonal reactions that cause your muscles to spasm and cramp, doctors recommend that pregnant women take acetaminophen for the pain.

Implantation of the fertilized egg not only makes you feel like you are about to get your period, but it can also cause a slight amount of spotting or bleeding. You could also try a hot compress on your lower back (not on your stomach) or a hot shower to help relax the lower pelvic muscles.
I was given a thorough checkup, and was told that everything seemed great, and my blood work confirmed that I was, in fact, pregnant.
Because the little embryo is actually burrowing its way into the lining of your uterus, looking for a comfortable place to call home for the next nine months.
But, most of the time, what you feel, and experience is normal, something that your doctor can confirm.
As your normally tiny uterus, starts to host this new life, it grows and stretches, and is supplied with hormones, and a new blood supply – all of which can make you feel cramps.

These cramps, because they originate from the same place as the ones you experience during menstruation, feel the same.
The good news is that cramping doesn’t necessarily indicate that something devastating is looming in your future.

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