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There are few events in life as exciting, stressful, fun, unknown, and creative (literally) for a woman than being pregnant.
Before I start any project I like to know what I am up against and what it will require so I know I can complete it.
Once you’ve taken your pictures and arranged them on the computer it’s time to order the poster!
The thing I love about this project is that it allows those of us with minimal artistic skills (like myself) or those with a more perfected touch to be as creative as they’d like to be.
The most exciting development is that I have started to feel those little flutterings for the last few days. Tiredness is nearly gone although there is still the odd day I spend counting down until bed time from the moment I get up.
Workingberlinmum24 August 2012 at 20:46ha ha, I love that you were asked how long you have left! Adventure, an award winning blog documenting the adventures big and little that being a parent entails.
The focus of these pictures will be you, so choose a place that doesn’t have a distracting background. In her free time she enjoys writing about DIY projects and other crafts parents can do with their children. As a former traveler, I view this as another journey, although this time without a map, a plan or a clue! He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus when I was just 26 weeks pregnant, at that moment we were told he would not survive the pregnancy.
I’d recommend wearing the same clothing in every picture so you can see vividly the changes your body takes as the baby develops.

Regardless of which program you use you can accomplish a simple look by placing the photos in order from oldest to newest. He was born August 24, 2011 at 9:50 AM with a malformation to the right hand and then they gave him a 2% chance of survival. Although being symptom free is a blessing I do worry and the movements are so reassuring and have put my mind at rest. She had no belly at all and I was the same size as the 6 month pregnant lady standing on my other side. His diagnosis soon followed Epilepsy, Scoliosis, West Syndrome (type of seizures) and Morning Glory Syndrome (no optic nerves).
March 5, 2012 I uploaded a picture of TreA  like I frequently did to show off his acknowledgements, he was holding something, he rarely did.
Just asking cause he looks a lot like my friends little boy"A A  I thought to myself, how could she possibly have known that? Sure baby is thriving and can't wait to hear how things develop until the little one is here.
Sure enough I looked it up and it was simply a Tre Checklist.A  Everything I read was My Tre. March 23, 2012A  I took Tre to Genetics, which they were still testing him for all kinds of stuff.
Your bump is super lovely I guess second time round your body knows how to bloom so does it sooner. Sweet that it all began to make sense, it all added up, I knew that I didnt have to wait anymore,A  Bitter knowning that I would never see him smile.
Since then I have doing everything to teach people about Moebius, even though Tre is not here.

I know there is a mom out there who is waiting for a smile like i was and i want to find her, who ever she may be.
Me, my sister and a Moebius Grandma send FREE Tutus and bows all around the world giving SMILES to little girls with disabilities all around the world.
It was July 15, 2011 when we were given the crucial news that he had masses of water surrounding his brain and his head was expanding at an abnormal rate.
An amniotic exam was performed to assess his chromosomes for any other form of disabilities, to no avail.
He was due on September 24, 2011 yet we were told he had a very very low percentage rate of surviving to full-term. As the months passed and many doctor visits later; he was diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome, West Syndrome, Congenital Scoliosis, Morning Glory and Epilepsy.
He endured many many hospital stays, but our Baby Tre, aka Treski, kept holding on and fought against all odds until the day of November 13, 2012, at 14 months, his tiny frail body could no longer hold on and he passed away. His journey was long and trying even though it was in a short time; however he did get the opportunity to celebrate his first birthday.
And that is just a shortened version of Baby Trea€™s stretched life but he was loved every minute of it and we cherished every second of it.
August 8 2015 Official 2015 Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Page Our 2014-2015 Moebiuis Syndrome Family Holiday HeroesGallery 2 Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2015 Video Gallery Smiling with our Hearts upon the World! Just asking cause he looks a lot like my friends little boy"A A  I thought to myself, how could she possibly have known that?

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