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Who would have thought that one ectopic pregnancy can set a couple's 'trying to conceive' schedule back by almost 6 months?
If you have a confirmed ectopic pregnancy, I would suggest not waiting and just get the MTX jab. I am also pleased that I got my period exactly 4 weeks after my HCG dropped to zero (non pregnant level).
The only shitty thing about this MTX jab is that you cannot try to conceive for 3 months after having the jab.
Then you cannot conceive for 3 months after (this is if you have had one dose of MTX), because it's still in your system and your baby will have serious defects like spinal bifida if you do. So that is why getting pregnant in November last year has set me back almost 6 freaking months. After that it really took it's time to reduce, and i kept worrying with every blood test that the number might jump back up. Ectopics are very rare (like 1-3%) so when I was going through it, I didn't have many people to ask about it.
I don't know if I have a higher pain threshold or what (cos the nurses and doctor would keep asking me in a very concerned way if I was in pain), And I would always say no.

It only works if diagnosed early (meaning lower than 6000 HCG level, baby no heartbeat yet, and no internal bleeding yet).
It only finally went below 5 (under 5 means normal and not pregnant) on the 5th of February 2015 (5 weeks after the MTX jab). The scan at week 7 when the ectopic was seen and confirmed, that scan procedure was painful, all previous scans I felt nothing. This made me paranoid lol, every (imagined) pain I had in my shoulders I would worry and think the MTX is not working and my tube is going to rupture.
It costs very much less than surgery ( think I paid less than 100 for the jab, and this was at a private hospital. So I'm just putting this out there in case someone else who is facing the same situation is looking for an account of what it's like. And I definitely had lower back ache (this was during the week after the MTX jab (week 7 to 8 of pregnancy), so when my HCG that week had risen, I did think oh no, that pain was because the baby was growing bigger still. Can be dangerous too because if the baby keeps growing, it will rupture the tube and cause massive internal bleeding. Not including the price of the scan etc of course, which you have to get even if you do surgery.

The 5th of Feb was also when I would have been starting my second trimester if my pregnancy wasn't ectopic.
But I have a new found respect for all cancer patients who have to undergo long bouts of this chemotherapy drug. Waiting the months you must wait in order to safely concieve a child is teaching you patience. You have also learned much and you are doing other women a great service by sharing this knowledge.Many like me are praying and trusting you and spouse will grow into not only a couple blessed with a great capacity to love and know joy, but also grow into loving and joyfilled parents.Thank you! I had my period thinking TTC effort had failed again, only to discover I was pregnant a few weeks later. It was an emotional time when I had to receive the MTX jab right after seeing the heartbeat. There was no pain or whatsoever; the doctors thought it was a blood clot or tumour in my ovary until they did the surgery.

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