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Emily Oster is an associate professor of economics at the University of Chicago Booth School. Second, there is both direct and indirect evidence that induction can increase the risk of a cesarean section. It is true that babies who come on their own at 37 weeks do pretty much just as well as those who arrive on their own at 40 weeks. This basic point is consistent with something that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has been saying for a long time: that elective inductions should not be performed before 39 weeks. This entry was posted in week by week and tagged 40 weeks, baby number 2, maternity, photo shoot, pregnancy, pregnant, week by week.
And now for the sappy, hormonal part… I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and followed along with my pregnancy!
I have loved sharing my pregnancy — the good AND the bad and I hope you continue to follow along as I try to figure out how to balance life with THREE kids (yikes!).
Good luck next week (or maybe before) – You know what they say, 3 kids is the new 2 kids… I got three and I happen to love it!
Best of luck with your new little one’s arrival, and I can’t wait to see some new squishy baby pictures on the blog soon! Kim just needs to start wearing stuff where we can see all of her limbs and none of her other junk! I will not get into the weeds right now on that particular study (although here is one very critical take), but it got me thinking again about labor induction, a topic that I cover at some length in Expecting Better.

For anecdotal evidence on this all you have to do is go online: Chat boards are full of women who have had spontaneous labor and an induction and report the latter was more unpleasant.
I’ve also had menstrual cramps for the past 3 nights from 2am-6am, causing it to be very uncomfortable to sleep on top of the braxton hicks contractions. L was born 8 days past my due date (although, due dates are a tricky thing, I personally felt I was only 4 days past my due date with L, my Dr. You also gave me some tips and thing to tuck away for when I am going crazy in about 11 weeks. I haven’t had the chance o read blogs in a few weeks and I came here FULLY EXPECTING you to have cute pictures of a squishy newborn all over the place.
In 1990, fewer than 10 percent of births followed medical induction of labor; by 2009, this number had risen to 25 percent. My mother had three children, all without an epidural, and reported that labor after she was induced with my youngest brother was the worst, despite the fact that he was the third kid. Of course, C-sections are safe and common, but recovery from them still tends to be harder than recovery from a vaginal delivery.
This is a number from zero to 10 that measures how well your baby is doing at birth—about 80 percent of babies get an Apgar of nine or 10, which means the baby is doing well, and a score of seven or below typically indicates some distress. But it may mean that it’s a good idea to stick it out for a few more days, to give your kid a chance to arrive on his or her own time. I was somewhat dilated and effaced with both kids for a few weeks before going into my inductions.

It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders and 90lbs lighter to have a date and a plan (especially when you have two other kids to worry about!). Ultimately it all feels the same in the end – but it seems like it would be more comfortable. Going beyond anecdotes, researchers find that women who are induced with pitocin are more likely to use an epidural; increased use of pain relief probably points to increased pain (at least before the epidural is administered!). I don’t doubt our decision to have a 3rd at all, but I’m hoping for an easy(ish) transition!
In 1990, only 7 percent of births at 39 weeks of pregnancy were induced, but 23 percent were induced by 2009. I’m actually more surprised at how fast these past weeks and months have just flown by. Good luck with your last month of pregnancy — I can only HOPE that you end up having the baby early and aren’t overdue like me!!

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