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There was once a time where the fashion industry was quite limited and only focused around adult clothing. Unquestionably, the main advantage with collections is the degree of consistency that arrives with each item. Baby collections are ideal for those fashion hungry parents and they are unquestionably more aesthetically appealing. Nowadays, the business is incredibly wide and not only stretches down to child’s garments, but also furniture.
We’ll therefore take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with baby furniture collections to see which tactic could work best for you. Take the woodwork Josh range by Saffron and Lewis for example; each element of the collection is made in exactly the same way, right from the cot, to the wardrobe.
The lifespan of a lot of basic children’s furniture is quite short and the chances of it lasting beyond a couple of years are slim.

While there is no question that nursery collections will last longer than standard pieces of children’s furniture, they also arrive at a higher cost.
For example, if you were to buy a cot from the local furniture store, on most occasions it will provide you with the facility to adjust its sleeping height for when the baby gets older. They are constructed out of much more durable components and they generally give that premium vibe in any room they are placed in. Parents are desperate to get their hands on the most fashionable pieces of nursery furniture and in a lot of cases, this arrives in collections from established designers.
This ticks all of the boxes for a designer baby nursery and this consistent approach undoubtedly creates the “premium image”. With collections generally using hardwearing materials, this lifespan is increased considerably and means that collections don’t just have to be used for one child, but can be used for many. It will usually cost several thousand pounds to kit a baby’s room full of collection items and this doesn’t only mean that the approach is unaffordable for a lot of parents, but it can also mean that the furniture is still not affordable for those looking to purchase it second-hand.

This is generally not the case with collection items and you instead have to purchase different items as your baby develops. However, they do have significantly higher price tags and if you are not awash with cash, it might be advisable to purchase standard furniture that arrives at a fraction of the price and in reality, serves exactly the same purpose. This actually leads onto another advantage; with parents able to sell collections on due to their lack of wear and at least recoup some of their nursery cost.

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