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The actress-dancer and husband Channing Tatum are expecting their first child, the couple announced on Monday. In tonight’s 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar continues his family road-trip as questions come up about whether Anna Duggar is pregnant. The Smalleys also asked Jill and Derick how their marriage has changed since they discovered they were expecting.
UPDATE So, I accidentally lied: The season finale of 19 Kids and Counting is next week, Nov. Did you ever stop to think she just isn’t following the other breeders in her family.
I doubt any of the Duggars would ever read gossip blogs (just in case they came across a photo of a fronthug or full on kiss) so I know Jana’s not going to read any of this, but I really would help her leave them and find a life of her own. I’d love to see how they justify lying and saying it was their first trip on their own when clearly they had Jana there, I thought lying was against the rules in their cult!!
My dad always taught me to question everything no matter what, he wanted me know know why something (or someone) was what it was rather than blindly believe it. I personally don’t care what their beliefs are or how many kids they pop out if they can afford them. She says she will but they also say they’re going to sell the house Jill and Derrick live in, I won’t believe it till I see it with this family!

I used to like this show when it started & was more about showing us how a large family works.
PHOTOS Kailyn Lowry kissed a girl and everybody freaked outTeen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry enjoyed some down time at JerseyPride in Asbury Park, New Jersey over the weekend.
TV presenter and former model Katie Piper, who suffered an acid attack in 2008, says her life has changed in a wonderful way since she discovered she is pregnant. Jill revealed her first reaction to finding out she was expecting was to freak out about the idea she has to push the baby out — which is something she knows about because of her work with midwives. He seems so the artsy type and not the type to be doing 300 pushups while quoting the old testament.
I live in Los Angeles, and you can be my roommate rent free until you get on your feet and find a job.
And it breaks my heart to read the comments on other sites about how great they are and people should just leave them alone blah blah, And Jill is Michelle’s parrot right down to the season of life speech **gag** and they had to re create essays kiss, wtf?? David gives me the creeps too, and if you want to see him at his creepiest, watch his wedding on YouTube.
Just days after current Atlanta cast mainstay Stevie J accidentally spilled the tea on the newest city to get a LHH spinoff, a handful of independent sources appear to have verified most, if not all of the new show’s cast members.
During the festivities, Kailyn posted a snapchat of her smooching long time friend Becky Hayter and the Teen Mom Twitterverse predictably lost its mind.

It’s a shame they think all girls are into just girl things and all boys are into just boy things. I wish more people in general would open their eyes and see that this family is not as good as they are portrayed on t.v. They are guided by a cult leader and there is 19 of them because Michelle is mentally ill and is addicted to the attention while being pregnant.
You try to explain to those people that the diggers practice blanket training, or what the ALERT camp ( that the boys attend) or journey to the heart (the girls attend) and they accuse you of being a horrible person, it’s just sad!! This last episode with Josh’s family on their vacation was more entertaining than the entire season. Katie went blind in one eye in 2008 after an ex-boyfriend arranged for an accomplice to throw sulphuric acid in her face.
They are both serving life sentences in prison.The former model once paid tribute to her boyfriend and said he had read the book she had written about her ordeal. He can easily manipulate Ben into anything he wants, plus he knows that Jessa worships the ground he walks on.

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