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Welcome to the pregnancy week 13, the beginning of the 2nd trimester - the best pregnancy time ever (so called)!
Please seek professional help from a qualified health care provider for any medical condition. It’s Too Late For Everyone To Concern-Troll Beyonce About How Much Weight She Gained During Pregnancy! This would mean that Beyonce, doubled the amount – and yet she never looked that big. We forget those women who carry their babies in their butt and don’t show much of a belly. You are already in pregnancy week 13, which you can expect your early pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness and so on) will gradually disappear and you find yourself with more energy. My niece had a 8 pound baby boy and barely looked pregnant and wore neat trim blouse clothing.
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It is because you are starting to catch up with your body's increased workload and your body itself start to get used of being pregnant.If you are feeling tired, do not worry so much. And Beyonce proves to be rather savvy in waiting to reveal that number on the scale until now. Blue Ivy is here, everyone loves her, and frankly nobody cares about how Beyonce looked in some dress a year ago. Meanwhile, a friend of mine gained 52 while eating like a saint and performing ashtanga yoga daily–much, much healthier lifestyle than mine. I remember her, while getting ready to go on the elevator and i took a picture of her and her husband. If I made millions off of my looks, plus had the income to hire trainers and chefs and nannies and personal stylists and great plastic surgeons, then I would probably look pretty damn good after giving birth. She was going on to her delivery room and this being her first baby didn’t look pregnant until she turned to the side.
Your risk for miscarriage drops substantially starting from pregnancy week 13, but the possibility is still there.

In some cases, miscarriage can happen up to 20 weeks, especially for those who have incompetent cervix - cervix is too weak to stay closed during pregnancy. While I each time looked pregnant in the face, was bloated and I did the same with careful eating and ate healthy and I took vitamins and the l felt doing the right thing. So to hold up Beyonce and Gisele and Angelina and JLo as some kind of laudable standard is pretty unfair.
Your breasts continue to change during your 13 weeks pregnant - besides your nipples and areolas become even darker, you might noticing the veins in your breasts are more prominent.Some women may also start developing larger benign bumps on their breasts during pregnancy.

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