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Unless you have been oblivious of the world around, you might have heard many things about the goodness of alkaline diet and water.
Most of us have heard about the endless types of diets, which promise to change the way we look, offer a detox or burn fat. Diet concepts have changed over the decades, but the alkaline diet continues to be popular with experts and users alike. Receive a free 7 Day Clean Eating Guide ebook from Dr.Frank Lipman when you join our newsletter. MBG wellness expert, Kris Carr gave us a great introduction to pH, now check out this informative chart on the pH spectrum, which summarizes what foods are acidic or alkaline forming.What do you think? Hi all – every day I (Ross) answer somewhere between 10-50 alkaline diet questions that land in my inbox.
So each week I’ll be posting the best and most relevant alkaline diet Q&A so that all of you can benefit from my answers! Can you talk about the Ionizer Armor and whether we would need this piece or not before the prefilters? Why is the pH and ionization reading range different (not as strong) on the undercounter unit compared to the counter top unit? Am actually taking a well earned mini-break so just checking emails a couple of times per day.

The Ionizer Armor works not by removing the calcium from the water, but by using magnetic power to dramatically reduce the size of the calcium in the water, so that it passes right through the ionizer without sticking and clumping on the plates. 1) the rate of defective units we were seeing come back for repairs WAS about 25% – only 1% of Chansons are ever needing work as defective.
3) in my own personal tests, the Chanson, in different waters always outperformed the other brands on pH and ORP. BUT because the MAX has the Salt Injection, Chanson can state now that EVERY customer will get 3 or less to 12 or higher because even in soft water areas you can just add the Himalayan salt to the chamber and you will definitely get this. Whereas if the unit is quite weak then the water has to be at a slow flow to give the plates plenty of time with the water. It’s something I love doing and I recently realised I should be sharing some of the best! Any point on the settings maxed out where the water starts to become detrimental to one’s health? Someone in a hard water area will get a pH from less than 3 to higher than 12 whereas someone in a soft water area will be more like 3-11.5.
One of the true measures of the quality and power of an ionizer is how fast you can flow the water through and still get pH 9.5.
Well, unlike many of the diet charts and ideas we know of, the alkaline way of living has been influencing a lot of people, including some of the most known celebs.

In a more powerful unit you will be able to run the water through quite quickly and still get pH 9.5. For starters, let’s first try to understand what the concept is all about, along with the few facts that are essential for getting started. This is because the plates are so powerful they don’t need that much contact time with the water. People who live in hard water areas have a huge amount of calcium in their water and over time this can build up on the ionizer plates, thus reducing the surface area of the ionizer plates and making them less effective. You don’t get real ORP, the filtration or the range of pH from 3-12 with a Watermark. Since of the food-families are eliminated from the regular diet, you will need to understand whether your body is all the nutrients that are essential. Also, many people do have an issue leaving meat and dairy altogether, so the idea is to understand the extent to which you can follow the concept.
Alkaline water is chemically processed, but it has a high pH balance and can offer the same benefits as with the diet.

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