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Generally, a woman’s most fertile time happens between days ten and seventeen of the menstrual cycle. Women with short or irregular periods can ovulate right after the period ends, although this is quite rare. Cervical mucus after ovulation or left over semen -- isn't it hard to tell the difference? Cervical mucus after ovulation varies from cycle to cycle and is different for each woman, yet there are some general characteristics which you can look for.
If you are trying to record your CM after ovulation and you wonder what it is like, but you are not sure, just try the next day without baby dance and you will have a clearer picture. SYMPTOMS OF PREGNANCY AT 1 WEEK AFTER OVULATIONFeel pregnancy basaldoctors give trusted, helpful answers. You will need to record the history of a minimun of six menstrual cycles by recording the first day of each period and the period length.

The length of time between cycles is affected by circumstances such as stress, sickness, and nutrition. These symptoms may include changes in the consistency of cervical fluid, a twinge on one side of the abdomen, an increased desire for sexual activity, light spotting, a change in position of the cervix, increased firmness of the cervix, raised temperature on a body temperature chart, higher levels of luteinizing hormone, tenderness in the breasts, sharpened sensory perceptions, or abdominal bloating. After ovulation it turns back to the sticky, creamy or crumby consistency which is dry and viscous. Even with regular as clockwork cycles, nearly all women are fertile outside of this narrow window of their monthly cycle.
Once ovulation has occurred, the optimal period for fertilization is twelve to twenty four hours.
The cervical mucus after ovulation might be very similar to the CM immediately after your period.
If you have semen between your fingers and pad it with your thumb it will glob up or disappear.

Deciding when to have sexual relations to avoid pregnancy or to improve the chance of pregnancy, requires more information than simple timing.
The cervical mucus is more stretchy and warmer and can stay longer without disappearing if you pad it with your thumb. However, some women who got pregnant said they had a lot of post-ovulatory creamy cervical mucus. The majority of women will not ovulate during these times, but keeping accurate records of period length and intervals between periods can provide a good estimate of when ovulation is most likely to occur.

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