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By early 2011, theCHIVE had about 20 million visitors a month and the advertising world could have cared less. Still, with theCHIVE serving out over 1 petabyte of data every day our hosting fees skyrocketing, we had to keep the lights on.
Here’s how it worked, we would blog until 5pm everyday then take off our blogger hats and become a shipping and fulfillment house. It happened when one Chivette, Amanda Kate Olsen, snuck out onto the empty 405 Freeway and snapped this photo in our newest design, Keep Calm and Chive On. To celebrate our anniversary we’ve created two commemorative designs for theCHIVERS today. Everything on theCHIVERY is 15% off until Midnight and you can snag your limited edition Chive Tees, the very first designs ever made, RIGHT HERE!

Khulu Reinfirst Manyuka, a 73 year old Zimbabwean man who tried to imitate Jesus Christ by embarking on a 40 day and night fasting, slumped and died on the 30th day states reports My Zimbabwe.
Manyuka was known by his family and the entire community as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains, but in the attempt at putting his faith to the test, failed woefully. Manyuka was allegedly driven to the ‘wilderness’ by the urge to emulate Christ but sadly, he did not equal or break Christ’s record. Related Posts (Other Stories You May Like)PHOTOS: Man Leaks The Photos OF Him having SEXX with Girlfriend On His Birthday. Just a few dreamers who believed that, to pull off the impossible, we had to think way outside the box. Even today, nobody in New York or Silicon Valley wants to wrap their minds around a website that measures itself by its heart, not its bottom line.

Even if you find a measure of success, hanging on to control is difficult unless you have a little bit of change in your pocket, we had zero change. We went to theAVE, a local t-shirt beach hut in the Windward Circle in Venice, and printed 400 black t-shirts with our then-circular Chive logo on it (you’ll see that very first design below).
And that hustle saved theCHIVE from being something entirely different today – filled with corporate asshats who think they know best because they went to a big-boy college.
Public Outcry !!!Patrick Obahiagbon in his own words condemn some youths in Kaduna for rejoicing over the death of Governor Yakowa (Read on)Africa!!!!!!!!

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